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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

 Farkas és bárányIt is written in the saint book of all important religions that when the completeness comes, God separates the humanity. Eternal suffering waits for one of them, they are the ones, who are not in the book of the life, because they have served the satan. For the other ones eternal life has been promised by the Lord of armies, they are the chosen people, who believe in God and are faithful to him forevermore.

The common man is not able to distinguish the chosen people from the rest of the people, mostly that man not, who judges according to the body. Many men considers himself as a chosen man,  the chosen people doubt in this the best however.

The separation of the chosen people from their demonic partners happens with the ecstasy advertised by the gospels, the consummation of God’s secret begins with the biggest miracle experienced in the history. The Lamb himself executes the separation so, that the glory of his coming lifts up the mortal people into an immortal body, handed them over to the eternity. This is written in the holy scripture, if many of you does not know the promise and the good news so, you have to know then, that you got to be deceived ones.
Many people advertise the verb of the self-redemption today already, moreover more and more self-appointed prophet strengthen the people in order for them not to wait for their redeemer, but even the redeemer warned everybody, that this has to be so. The satan calls away his, the Lamb though calls away those people, who belong to his fold. It is not possible to say bodily things about the chosen people, there are some aspects for sure however, which characterize them.
The chosen people are trying to get to know and follow the Lamb first of all, they trust their reedemer more than anything. Neither the belief in God, nor in the belief in the Lamb means only, to accept that they exist, because more from among the devil’s servants are thinking the same way. To believe in them means, that to strive for that to live according to their teachings. It can happen that the chosen people do not know the truth, but they thirst after that, they are looking for the peace, the morals and the love in everything at least.
The devil deceives the chosen people sometimes as well, they find their way back onto the right way sooner or later however. The man who lives in the knowledge of all kind of illusion, but is deceived, it’s better if he measures that knowledge which he was taught to based on the holy scriptures. If he is not doing this, he divests himself from the redemption and he takes on the stamp of the satan sooner or later. If the deceived one gets a true teaching but that is opposite his own faith or knowledge, but does not recognise it’s truth, or he despises it, got to be a deceived one for sure. Who recognises the new teaching and compares it with the teachings of the saints, and he follows if it’s true, that man clears then.
The chosen people see holiness in the verb, the deceived ones see the business. The chosen people teach through the verb, the unholy ones though indict. The chosen people are looking for the resignation, the forgiving, the shamefule ones though principles, on which they can insist, with which they may increase materially.
The chosen people are ready for helping other people, the children of the devil are ready for humble the weak ones. The chosen people make sacrifices in order to take away the doubt, to heal the body and the soul of other people, the miserable ones expect victim of everybody for their own rise. While the chosen people are looking for a solution, the other ones excuse to that, how they can serve anybody.
The chosen people advertise the good news and the teachings of God and the Lamb in the world, the envoys of the satan are ashamed of or deny God in their life. The chosen people take responsibility for each other, the fallen ones do not even want to take responsibility for themselves.
In the life of the chosen people God stands on the first place, and they do not insist on any kind of creature of this world, the aim of their life is the unselfish service for God. The chosen people are open, that whenever the judgement comes into their life, they are worthy for the Life, they wait for the coming of the Lamb better than anything, and they never lose heart in this waiting.
Many wolves visit the The content of the articles hurts many people, because they discovered their own weakness in them. The world has changed, but the ancient laws not. Who is able to recognise the truth of this, is between the chosen people with a big chance. These articles has been written for those people who have a desire for it more than anything to find their way back to the ancient road and not for those people whom the requests bait, they are unable to accept the truth after all.