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Written by Ayurvéda portál   


Családi kör


When two people founds a family, do not only undertake to live in one flat, maybe they take in a child, but unsaid also for that to unit their moral values. If the combination does not happen, it’s only a question of time, when the family’s peace, unit gets splitted. The family morals consolidates the community however and makes it resistant opposite the challenges.




When I write about family morals, for many people maybe the faith in God or the family life built up according to the Christ teachings comes  into his mind, however the moral is such a directing principle, which is stronger than the knowledge, at the same time it works also then, if someone does not believe in God.  

If we define the morals as sense of duty, than the family works correctly, if the duties are divided rightfully, none of any member of the family queries them, and everybody achieves his own duty faithfully. A family like this frames a unit, in which the family is able to give uniform answers to the uniform inducements. The rightful scaling of the duties depends on the age and sexual nature of the family members, I already wrote about this in the other articles of the category. What does the uniformity mean? For example, that the family members (also the children) are aware of the abilities and opportunities of the family and they are able to live with those together. If the family’s material opportunities narrow, than all members of the family are able to understand this and to hold in the demands accordingly.
The unit of the family can only work if the principles are setted jointly and are intact. The conscious family founders lay down these principles through long-long talks and later on they hold up themselves to these. These are the following principles:
  • The principle of the confidence. This principle expresses that all of the family’s members are open for the reception of the claims or of the messages of the others possibly without a pain, and to it’s service according to it’s efficiency.
  • The principle of the faith is crucial in order for the unit of the family to be kept. I do not think of the bodily faith first of all, but also to the faith, which is needed to the aims appointed together, and to the principles which are needed for the achievement of the aims.
  • The principle of the creative endeavour. Every man, so also the family has challenges in the life. He is able to fit to this principle, if he does not concentrates on the difficulties, on the weaknesses in the challenges, but onto the strengths and onto the solution opportunities, assuming that a given situation has always a solution.
  • The principle of the acceptance. We may call it the principle of the love. The members of the family proceeds correctly following this principle, if at the stumbling of any of the family member’s not the ostracism (denial) of the family member is the aim, but the cognition of the reasons of the family member and the correction of the false things.
  • The principle of honest communication. In order for the family to be able to bring the best quality decision all time, needs the information with a best quality. This condition comes true then, if the family members are able to share their needs, desires, those events in every moment, which may have an effect of the rest of the family members.
  • The principle of the responsibility. The family is able to maintain his unit opposite the freedom, if the family processes work on the principle of the volunteership. This is a kind of duty consciousness, in which everybody does that task in which the family’s living-, race-preserving-, emotional-,  and intellectual needs are satisfied.
  • The principle of the freedom. This is a very important basic principle for all man every time. If the family is not able to insure this, than the man’s desire for freedom may diverts him from the set road. In the mind of this principle everybody can contrive his desires freely, with that condition, that it does not hurt to the family.
The family moral is that, if all members accepts and follows the above principles. The condition of this is, that the family founder adults engages themselves to the principles before the family foundation, and to let it to be taught also to their children to be born or to their adopted children . Unfortunately the largest majority of the families do not excel neither in the conscious family foundation, nor in the child nursing happening on moral bases. The sin extends on the world because of this and that is why the moral is sidelined everywhere. I did not mention principles like that in the above principles, which are also moral principles although, along the above principles, in the course of the counsciousness evolution every man may get onto these conclusions. These are following:protection of the life-, the marriage-, the human worship-, the property-, and the personality, which materializes in the ten commandments for the christian people.
Correct family moral takes shape if the bases of the morals are laid down correctly (correct learning), if the people putting down the bases are authentic (they also observe from what they are teaching about), and all members of the family (not only the founders, but also the children) agrees, consider it exemplary regarding to themselves. There are people (also children) who can observe an ethical principle with a positive confidence, also then if they do not understand it, and there are people, who are only able to accept it, if it addresses also their sense. In the last case the teaching assumes deep knowledge, only that person is able to educate to the morals correctly, who knows the contexts of the spirit.
If the life of the family is not controlled  by the correct morals, but family horoscopes and other hodgepodges, then that family becomes exposed. However the temper of the families working according to the correct morals resists to all stimulus which disorganizes the unit. I hope that ones everybody understand what that Christ teaching means, that the “faith of two people is the will of God”. A family, who lives his life in a uniform ethical order, also has to know about the existence of God, because in the uniform morals the presence of God can be contrived.