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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

I wrote in my previous article written about the mother, that to be a mother is a special life task. This statement of mine can be extended also onto the fathers, and the fathers may feel as an equal person in this. Of course the statement applies on both sides to those people, who has undertaken the parental role and depending on their strength they do everything for the family.

That statement is also typical for the men, that it is not obligatory to be a father, but who is going to be a father of his own motion or from ignorance, irresponsibility, incures a divine obligation onto himself and is responsible for his child. Woe betide him if he seeks the life of his child or neglects his paternal obligation, but God’s grace flows onto that father, who is doing his best in the interest of his child’s weal.

The task of the father is to teach the child to the man aspects. Even boy or a girl is the child, they both need to learn staying capable of living, to create the conditions which are necessary to the life. A father is in the correct role if he transmits the physical safety: “ Do not be afraid because I protect you, I create all kind of your needs. I am here to protect you opposite all external danger”.  But watch out, a child is an intuitive entity, he accepts the father authentic, if the father contrives this towards the rest of the family as well. If the child sees the father in duality, that he is not able to transmit physical safety towards the other child or towards the wife, than also the child won’t feel himself in a physical safety. The biggest mistake what a father can do is that from emotion he commits violence opposite any family member emotionally or physically. At the same time the best he can do is if he maintains consistent, determined (this is not equal to the aggressiveness), appropriate family moral laws, that he also asks for.
The indirect task of the father is that for the child also the female aspects has to be available. As long as the father strengthens the mother in it that beside the motherhood she also can be a woman (praises her beauty, her humility, etc.) than denial opposite the female recipient character does not take shape in the child and accepts also these aspects, like which is necessary for the balance. So the girl child does not want to be boyish at any price because she feels that she prevails better in it, and the boy child will be softer and more recipient in his heart. So the children’s spiritual balance can be ensured.
Let’s see that what can a father - who is in a correct role - give to the child onto the life. The first and most important thing is that the child should be able to satisfy his needs correctly and according to his knowledge. He should not have expectation only, but in those things onto which he has an influence, let him to be able to bring independent decisions or rather to act. The father has to teach the child, how he can harmonize his faith, his abilities in order to be able to reach his aims.
The father is able to teach the male child, how he has to control his bodily strength opposite the weaker one, or rather how he can respect the female sex. Also the father is able to show it, how the child can prevail on himself or rather how he has to fill in a leader role in certain life situations whenever the child needs it.
The child can learn by watching it from the father how the bodily-spiritual pain has be to tolerated pontifically or rather also that how he should express his will in order not to hurt other people by that. The father teaches his child to accept that other people or circumstances may cross his road and his aims, and how he can even so reach his aim with the correct congition and problem treatment.
The father has to teach the child, how he has to express and identify with his ambitions, how he has to communicate it correctly towards the high life, that the world should help his ambitions and not detain it. The child has to learn by watching it from the father, that he should take responsibility for all of his word and all of his acts and he should be able to correct himself.
The father has to teach to the child the laws of the spiritual life and also that how the child can rise through them to be able to be freed.
It’s also not easy to be a father, but the human race can be kept up at the longest distance, if the people are not only controlled by their selfish interests, but also the race preservation. A father has to undertake a big role in this in order to teach his child to think on a long distance and take the interests of the race into consideration.  This is hidden in the fact that the child learns to live morally, to trust in his knowledge and his strength, that he finds that solution in which most of the people can be placated.

If I have spoken against the women and mothers, than I have a message also for the men and the fathers. It is not possible to replace the not knowing with strength and war, neither with expensive cars, nor with richness because that is also from the not knowing. If you do not understand what I’m telling to you than there is a big trouble because then also the hope floated away. The women won’t accept you, you won’t be better fathers just because you swamp your children with expensive but still with worthless things, what the rust and the time digests. You will be a good husband and a good father, if you can give such a spiritual treasures to your wife and children, that remains until the end of times. The believer father who believes in God, understands that he is Adam, the first man, everybody is from him. He carries the fate of the humanity, he carries not only his own, but also his wife’s sin, because God created the man for strong one, to be able to stand it.