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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

It’s a very special life task to be a mother, but probably very few people understand it’s real value. It’s speciality does not consists that someone can give birth to the world, because that also the animal can do, but in it that the woman on the pitch of her life may learn such a divine aspects, which in a different role she would do it very hard.

As the sin is growing in the world, people are more and more selfish, and their empathy decreases for each other. The state of the segregation becomes more and more clear. Believe me that there are many people who will read my rows, maybe they also agree with it, but they extract themselves under the truth of these rows, but in their heart still the devil is the lord, because while with their learned actions they may help on the other people, but in their heart they are still doing it for an award. Some people because other people let them to be watched and let them look up to them, some people because of that, that let God to see their acts and rewards them. The true and unselfish action is very little in the world.

The motherhood is still one of those roles, in which the women, even only for a short time, but can understand the real essence of the divine love, resignation, the altruism, the empathy. If it’s possible to get correct sample from these aspects, than a mother can extend this easier to the other people as well, than that person who never tasted the flavour of the motherhood.
There is no law for that, that it is obligatory to be a moher in the life (except the special divine mission), but who voluntarily or from ignorance, irresponsibility turns into a mother, incurs a divine obligation onto herself and is accountable for her child.  It’s bad for that person who seeks the life of her child or neglects her motherly obligation, but God’s grace flows onto that mother who is doing her best in the interest of her child’s weal.
The mother’s task is to teach the child onto the female aspects. Even boy or a girl is the child, he needs it equally to learn how to leave as a receiver, how he can manifest his emotions (even a joy or a pain), how he should learn to deal with his intuitive side. A mother is in the correct role, if she diffuses the emotional safety:” Don’t be afraid, because I am faithful to you, I do not leave you in any kind of your need. I accept you, I am here in order to support you.” But be careful, a child is an intuitive entity, he accepts the mother authentic, if the mother contrives this to the rest of the family as well. If the child sees the mother in duality, that she is not able to transmit emotional safety towards the other child or to the husband, than also the child won’t feel himself emotional in safety. The biggest mistake what a mother can do is that because of her motherhood she puts the child ahead than the rest of the family members. The unity feeling of the child means much more than the favouritism. In the unity the roles gets into their place, the child was fitting into the family from the first moment. His needs will be also sufficed as for the other man’s.
The mother contributes also to that as an indirect manner, that the child also gets the mannish aspects. If the mother is in a correct realation with her husband (the man is the creative, the leader, the mother is the receiver) than the husband is able to show a correct sample to the child from the manly aspects and on an indirect manner he accedes to the child’s health. If one of the aspects does not developes in the child, than that leads to the distortion of the child’s senses and to medical problems.
Let’s see that a mother who is in the correct role what can consign to the child onto the life. The first and one of the most important thing is that the child should be able to formulate his needs correctly. The mother has to teach what the means of sustenance means (to eat, to drink, to sleep, etc.) and what the correct measure means. Also the mother has to teach how the child should express his needs and in case of their satisfaction how he can express his gratitude (towards people, towards God). I do not write about this now more detailed, but do not believe that it is about a sheer acknowledgement, but from a mind, in which the child stays in the circle of the life and not his ego is growing.
The mother has to teach it in order for the child to be open onto contacts in the world and in order to learn to handle it’s conflicts accepted. The mother can teach it mostly, that the child, right from his small age accepts the sexuality, even if he does not understand what is it good for (let him to get to know his body without denials and fears).
The mother is able to teach the servility, the care, the unselfish devotion to the child mostly, and also how he can turn into collaborative one in the world from a dependent relation (this is the child’s initial state).  The synergistic senses state is the middle way between the servant and the dominant senses state. The mother has to teach how the child should express and how he should handle his pain and his joy equally.
The mother has to show example in that how the child can express himself (not only his needs and his emotions), his desires, his fears but also his faith. It’s her responsibility that the child learns to request and ask correctly and to accept other’s help, care. The child learns also from the mother that what kind of temper he should be with if he gets something from another person (e.g.).
The child can learn by watching it from the mother how he should handle his anticipations, his intuitions, and that he can distinguish them from the impluses of the ego. Also the mother has to teach it to the child that above the man, even it is a man or a woman, there is always a higher law that he has to follow, in which he has to trust and to hope.
The sin is growing in the world, the violence is increasingly bigger. Women and mothers will be exalted on many places first of all by esoteric teachers. However I scold them because the world got there where it is now because of their leeway of their role. As long as the women follow the wrong feminist principles, as long as they aspire for integration, till than they forget to contrive their obligations in the life true, that the maternal role notched onto them.
It’s not easy to be a mother, nobody doubts in this. However every mother was chosing the motherhood by herself, who consciously, who with implied conduct (the essence of the sexual life is the child procreation).  Now noone should counter the responsibility, but should find the essence of the life. If you lavish less time on wicked things, if you abates your excessive claims, maybe you will have time also for that to be true, and fulfil the law again that raises you and does not plunge you into poverty.

I do not talk against the women but against every person, even it is a woman or a man. If you would be looking for God, the truth in the life, than maybe there would be a life as well and the death would not run always in your neck. Do not believe that the men are different, their sin is at least the same size, but that is going to be the message already of another article.