Siblings Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

The sibling of the person is the same as himself. Although they were born in a different time and walked an other fate, however the heritage that he received is the same: the own parentel samples, the nursing impose similar ethical ties on me and my sibling. What does it mean to be a sibling, what kind of tasks, burderns fall to the person who lives as a sibling? This writing is about this.

A person who is having sons and daughters is similar to that tree from it’s one single branch many smaller branches live. The fraternity is a huge mercy from God because in an ideal situation the person can learn already from his childhood the most important divine aspects like the justice, the equality, etc. The child, the more siblings he has, the easiest he can learn that apart from him there is also someone else in the world, who’s wants, personality has to be taken into consideration, and is given to him to face to his ego in the childhood.

In the childhood the parent’s task is to handle the fraternal roles in the child consciously. It is necessary to raise that feeling in the siblings that although their personality may be different, everybody has those conditions for which the parent loves all of his children with the same devotion. The siblings growing up like this will be able to accept each other without competition, and without the ambition of defeating the other one.
As long as the parent makes a difference or rather distinguishes his children in his love, than in the child who gets smaller attention the fear from the not acceptance is going to evolve, which means a constant demonstration desire and parity compulsion. So this means the under working of the vata dosha and it brings the most various attention getting strategies out from the child:fulfilment compulsion, parading compulsion, childhood delinquency (it’s aim is primarily the demonstration and cannot be compared to the adulthood delinquency ), different kind of psychosomatic symptoms, illnesses.
In case of contrary neuter siblings it’s specially an important task for the parent to teach his children to the elemental ethical norms taking the sexuality into consideration , the child has to understand that the boy and the girl spiritual-bodily aspects have the same importance in the life. With correct nursing is available that the siblings will be able to love each other without sexual discrimination. It’s the parents responsibility if in the child already in the childhood the denials or fears opposite the other gender takes shape.
In the adulthood in case of healthy childhood the siblings are able to live as people who are patronizing each other and sharing themselves with each other. As long as thanks to tha incorrect parental nursing contrasts took shape in the child, than the task falls on the siblings to arrange their previous wrong senses formations opposite each other. Everybody has to understand that if I do not love my sibling it’s equal to that, that I do not accept myself and my parents since we are similar. The directing of the contrasts like this is only possible with honest statements, with constructive solution searching, and with the honest release of the harms.
Beyond the above the fraternity does not mean any other obligation. It does not mean that the sibling can abuse with the concept of the fraternity if he is weak, neither that I have to solve my sibling’s life if he does not ask for a help. In a sense like this my sibling is not more than my brethren (but also not less), since the high minded person does not draw a distinction between man and a man and his sibling is all men in the God.
If you are my sibling than you believe in me as I believe in you. If you turn against me instead of supporting me, you would be like Kain who made an attempt on Abel’s life. The spirit of the envy prevails on you, because the Lord likes the truth better in me, than the hypocrisy in you. Understand the teaching! Love yourself in your sibling so you will have a big reward. When the false friends let you in trouble, if you were disappointed in everybody on this Earth, if you feel you do not have anybody…. than remember my word that you have a sibling.