With a deficiency living persons in the family Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

On the world a lot of people are living with the deficiency. Some people receives this with humility but there are people who thinks their position is an emphasized status, with which they often abuse opposite the people living in their environment. The aim of this article is to give a true view to those people who would like to find out what is their relation to the life either living as a deficiency or living in connection with the people who live with deficiency.

The people living with deficiency got into the situation in which they are now in all cases through their own desires , their faith maybe their denials. From under this the congenital deficiency is also not an exception. I know it is hard to accept this and it is easier to search for the truth in everything else or in somebody else, but if you are right a person who lives with deficiency, than you can consider this writing as God’s grace, because it helps you to understand yourself and it helps to forgive the incorrect (irresponsible) desires, denials and ideas. I knew many handicapped people who even didn’t live as a God-fearing person when he still was healthy, moreover he denied God, than when he became handicapped, suddenly he became a “big God believer”. He asserted to his environment how large faith he is having, and his family members were crying when they were witnesses of this faith. Actually none of these handicapped people believed really, but they had such a huge desire to the recovery that they have mixed it up with the faith.

Once I traveled by a bus. A lame uncle was sitting beside me and told me a story painfully that his foot is crippled but he believes in Jesus Christ. I told him that his foot was paralyze because he insisted on his own truth so stiffly that he didn’t wanted to realise the truth of other people. That’s true – said the uncle – from where do I know it? This is not important, it is enough if every handicapped knows that he consumes the fruit of his own previous sins now, and if he manages to forgive than God forgives as well. With the uncle both of us got off on the terminal, when he stood up he doesn’t wanted to believe to his own feelings. His knee was bending and was like in his “new age”. Without a stick he was almost running off the bus, he expressed his gratitude…and I knew that his life is going to change. I told this little story in order to inform every handicapped person that God is the Lord. He takes away your health if you commit sin, and he is the one who gives it back if you manage to forgive. Of course the forgiving is still not equal to the “I forgive” thought or word. From this you can read in an other articles more detailed. If a handicapped person got to be like this because of his sin than only his deep humble is going to lead him out from there.
The environment of the handicapped people often takes quite a huge load on themselves, because they do not know how to handle these kind of people. You should learn that you don’t have to take on all the load of the handicapped people onto you. If a handicapped person is in the family and you look after him, is a chance for you to practise your grace and your mercy. If a handicapped person abuses with this than he is worthy for the punishment. For that person who is not humble – even if he lives with deficiency- God usually would not help on him… unless he wants to show an example. You also don’t have to give more, only what you have. You don’t have to be afraid day by day from that what your environment says, if by chance you wouldn’t like to live only for the handicapped people, but also for yourselves and for your other family members. If you still decide like this, let’s be it from your free will and let him give you pleasure.
People living with deficiency got to their current situation because of themselves, so each single help you provide, is about you. About your acceptance, about your grace and mercy. Do not despise these because these are Divine aspects. At the same time do not forget that the rest of your family members also needs you, you have to find the balance. Do not believe that your God asks even more from you, do not have remorse. What you can give from your heart the heaven waits for you for that, and what you do not give from your saintly heart, from that you won’t be more, just unhappier. The handicapped person also needs to learn to ask true and humbly. Only his state is not a reason to get. He also needs to learn to be grateful for that what he gets, because who gives him, through that person God’s love expresses itself. This is the order of the life in God, anything else is from the devil.

If you live with deficiency and you read this article, do not be shocked by this because this is not against you, but for you. I would like to have truth and not judgement. If you can be humble and you can ask, than your environment won’t serve you because of your deficiency, but for your humanity and you have already entered on the road of the integration. I do not teach you to have remorse because this has happened to you, but to believe true and be able to forgive true. Than the deficiency won’t be a curse, but a chance for you and for your environment to be a better person, to be a true believer. When the illusion dissolves, the divine light looms which saves you and judges you onto happiness.