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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

GyökerekThe man is similar to the tree. He has greenery, a tribe and also a root. If I am the fresh bud, my parents are the thin sprig, my ancestors the tribe of the tree, whether who can be the root? The root is the organ of the tree, which provides the tree with food and vitality. So my root is God itself, with whom I am in the clearest contact through my parents and my ancestors.

Once the tribe denied the root, that’s why got sick and every growing out sprig from it carries the germ of it’s illness, as I do, like a bud, I also carry the burden of the original sin on myself. If – like a well informed christian – you think that the baptism took off your original sin, than you are very wrong. If you look deeply into yourself, you carry your parents shade ghost also now in yourself, the samples of their sins. What did you inherit from them? Is the inheritance really in your genes or much rather in your senses, that they were “raising”.
Do you feel their fear in yourself? Their faith? Maybe their desires. It also can happen that you say to these questions that no, because you feel them your own so much. The mother, who imprints her desire on her little girl deeply, that she should learn ballet or to play on the violin, the father, who knocks also into his son that he should like the little railway, the cars, does not count with that consequence that the child identifies so much with the parental requirements, that the child’s correspondence desire causes deep suffering. The parent is teaching her own child according to her own faith. Like sinner that faith is, like sinner will be the child as well (the child deep on her heart would not like to playing ballet, but to play in peace only). There are many inheritance channels like this, this is one among many, which I mentioned now.  This is called the original sin.
I don’t want to tune the child against the partent, but I would like to lean on the understanding. The 10 commandments says that you should love your mother and your father in order to be allowed to live for a long time on this land. One of the warning of Buddha is that the biggest sin of the man is the getting of his own parents. Many times the parents commit a lot of things against the children in order for them to be unable to respect neither love them adequatly. The excessive expectations are the enforcement of the level of the senses maturity because someone expects things like that from a child, onto which he is not yet ready consciousnesswise, since the information with which the child could understand the parental effort is missing. Not talking about those families where the TV brings up the child, where the impurity, the lie and the violence is the example.
I wrote this article for the children and not for the parents. Maybe you are also a child (even if you are over the XX-) and until today you do not understand your parents what and why they did it with you. However I would like you to understand why you have to respect your parents. I talked about the first reason already. You are through your parents, your ancestors one with the root, with God. If you accept your parents moralities (certainly there are things like these, do not doubt in this, just look for them), you can discover them also in yourself and if you listen to them, you can find those aspects that you can appreciate also in yourself. This gives self-confidence right away. These are your talents with which you can build in the life. Imagine that you find yourself on a desert island and you find altogether three things at yourself, e.g. one knife, a 5 metre string and a glass. If you start being afraid and to wail, that how bad your fate is, than you will get lost. If you want to find that what you may do with your three talents, than you already gave a chance to survive this adventure. With the knife you can cut a stick and you can sharpen. So you can prepare a bow with the string, and with that you can hunt. You can light fire with the glasses, if you collect the sunbeams. So your existing abilities are the ones that you got from your parents, with these you have to manage, and you can define the aim already. To this you “only” have to know yourself.
If you deny your parents, than you do not realise the treasures which you carry in yourself and you got from them and with which you may survive your conflicts. If you fulfil the desires of your parents, you will always feel the duality inside, that this road is not yours. As long as you are in duality, you are also in a sin. The wrong faiths, which the worried mothers, grandmothers taught to you, that “ if you sit down onto the cold stone, you will get cold” , or “put on a cap in winter because your hair will fall out”, will always haunt you as long as you believe in it. But who are you? What do you want to believe in? What are your desires? You have to make order regarding this in your senses. To leave off the sins, desires and wrong faiths of the ancestors, and find the one that makes you happy so that in the meanwhile you should never lose the contact neither with God, nor with the ancestors. Believe in them, that the aspects (talents) received from them are strong enough and are suitable to be allowed to build upon them. But do not build their castle, but yours.
With an ayurvedic eye the respect of the parents means the growth of the positive aspects of the kapha dosha. These are nothing else, than the confidence, the safety, the faith and of course I could count the aspects further, but I think those three could be convincing for that man, who lives his life in fear and in insecurity.
Respect your mother and your father. Not because the command or the warning sounds so, but because it will be also for your benefit. The hate in you kills you, though the consciousness and the love raises you until the sky and gives you life. Believe me that you also can live your life so that in the meanwhile you don’t have to hurt your parents mortally. If you find a talent, share it with them, and also that, how grateful you are for that. Believe me, they were also waiting for somebody to discover it in them. In return you can get the freedom in order to become that person who you want to be. If you acknowledge the real treasures of your parents, they also won’t keep you back already from the change. They have only been waiting for the acceptance and for the love.... for nothing else.