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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

 A hitközösségThe word community is used very diverse by man for describing different human groups. I would like to describe the original meaning of a community in this article, and approach adequately what a community is, what kind of goals it should have, and what extra it can provide for single people during their spiritual growth. A real community increases the strength of sattva light in man.

If you search for the word community on the net, you will find different explanations as: family, residence, ethnic, religious and social communities. Out of these the family equals with the original idea of a community, and in some areas the religious communities approach it also.
The word ‘community’ derives from the word ‘common’, which indicates a property of a group of people, a unity which stands above of ‘mine, yours, his…”, and suggests it’s indivisible property. We can talk about community only if we find in the group that aspect which makes the group indivisible and unified. Believe me that this is not the name of the group, not it’s residence, not it’s skin colour, not it’s dressing and mainly not the name which was given by the society based on folks belonging to the same cultural group.
The domain-consciousness of a group comes into existence if all group member has the consciousness of ‘ours’. So community arises only if the ego dissolves and the members protect the value one by one as their own, which made them a community. A community remains till the members believe in that what formed them into community, or till the members do not drop away due to the weakness of the members.
Based on the above statements a group can become a community with:
          A common goal, which is accepted by all of the group members as their own
          A common and just work- and resource share in order to reach this goal
          Carrying of each other's weaknesses in order to protect the community
          On a higher level (but it is not a requirement) though the property sharing
What is the difference between a religious community and a religious congregation? The main difference is that the religious community is not only an occasional congregation, where they can sing and pray together, but the community is a kind of congregation where the feeling of belonging together and taking responsibility of each other has been strengthened, and they follow the goal together in a unity.
The ego of man can only dissolve in a community. In history every major master and prophet sent people into a community because they exactly knew that they can teach them and prophesies of everything, but people only get to know what their words really mean in a community. But man is feeble, so do the churches, and they created congregations, which fills the churches every Sunday, but their ego will not dissolve and their sins multiply because they did not find real community.
If you think you can find a  community which is ready, you live in an illusion. A community needs to be built, many times from nothing. You can build up a community with anybody, who accepts the above principles, even if he is not able to follow them immediately (if he would be able to follow immediately, the community would be ready and it would not be necessary to build it up). There is no leader in a community, because if there were one, it would not be a community, as everybody’s ego would dissolve, except the ego of the leader. So in a community every decision needs to be taken by the community itself based on a mechanism they already accepted. But you should know that democracy does not exist in the nature and may not exist in the community also in the form as it is nowadays interpreted. At religious communities the community life and the clerical teaching events needs to be separated. For example if a priest builds a community he may not rise above the members in any kind of form, he may just represent his standpoints, otherwise he deprives the sense of community from the other ones. And the aim is not to be followed by anybody obsequiously, but the aim is to find out the higher truths during their community-life. These kind of recognitions touch man’s sense, so he is able to forgive his old wrong ideas and instead of them he is able to commit himself beside the change.
Building up a community is a very exciting activity if somebody understood the above principles. It can happen that some members find out highest truths earlier, and others later, but the goal is that the member who reached it faster should not force this truth to the others, but to keep the unity of the community afterwards. This way members became the teachers of each other, which would lead sooner or later to the perfect unity. To reach this the community needs to act like a communicating vessels. If any member receive a new information which affects the community, when he shares it with the others and they interpret it together, the information equalises in everybody and brings unity to the members again.
A community-building can be successful:
          If the community aim is never in danger
          If it provides physical and emotional safety for the  members
          If the community life frees and not ties up
          If the single members needs (and not their exaggerated desires!) are also satisfied in the community
The title of this article is about the faith-communities, so I write a few sentence about it. The above statements are valid for the faith communities also, but the goal of a faith community can not be else but the liberation, because all masters of the religions and God also called man to this. In short terms it means the liberation from the duality caused by the material world, in middle term it means the play down of the feeling ‘me, mine…’, and on longer term it means the resolution of the attachment to the material world. When a community reached the real unity, and the faith of many people effects into the same way, it will be similar to God’s will. The community will reach it’s goal faster this way. But the ‘community’, where the devil and the duality is the leader, will suffer for it’s existence stamping in one place. In a real faith community God is present on every day of life.