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Written by Ayurvéda portál   
 A házasságIt is not a fashion to get married in our times, and from those people who got married, most of them do not even know what is the marriage. It is a legal bond according to the Hungarian laws, according to the Catholic Church it is a holy spiritual contact what is kind to God...Whether what thinks God about the marriage? With an ayurvedical eye the correct marriage increases the power of the szattva, the wrong one and the adultery though increases the dark power of the tamasz. 


Of course, the question is poetic, it does not have many meaning, I wanted to direct the attention to it, that the marriage also has a higher aim certainly. Nobody sets this higher aim in his life already today, or even if he sets it by chance hypocritically, does not understand and does not follow it. 

If we pull down from the formality of the nuptial ceremony that, what is human, remains one very important aspect from the spiritual life point of view: the couple – often in the name of God - takes, that they will be faithful to each other through foul and fair till the end of their life and they support each other till death do us part.
According to the statistics the rate of the divorces in Hungary is more than 50%. There are no authentic statistics about it, that how is the rate in reference to the adultery, but it is possible to suspect, that it is more than the rate of the divorces. It can be seen from this, how seriously the couples take their (divine) pledge.
Apart from the sharing of the resources, burdens and apart from the founding a family, the aim of the marriage is, that the man learns such a divine aspects which he is not able to experience alone. It’s final aim is the liberation though. The man and the woman approaches the reality from two very different aspects, you may read about these aspects on the portal a lot. Learning from each other, conforming to each other they are able to fulfill the law of the harmony, which essence from the marriage point of view is that the sexual aspects equalize in both of them, so they will be similar to the angels. The law concerning this sounds so though:
For this cause will a man go away from his father and his mother and be joined to his wife; and they will be one flesh.” (Gen/2.24). Hear it well man, that neither a man nor a woman can get into the heaven because both of their soul is leaded by the devil. But a groom will be given for both of them, who cleans up the man from the man and the female aspects, in order for the man not to get onto damnation. The groom is nothing else though, but the Christ.  
The marriage is really a holy bond, that man get’s damn, who lives this bond, because he not only commits a sin thereby that he confronts his own pledge, but the adulterous man divests himself from it, to get closer to his divine self. If a marriage has a fruit though, even Christ’s coming does not save the man from the fire of the hell, if the man does not comes round with his spouse till then. There is no mercy without a remorse and there is no remorse as long as the man does not comes round with his testy in soul.
The divorce paper does not absolve anybody from his pledge (neither from under the divine law), who believes in this is doltish, because he is not able to catch what he incures. False prophets may teach the freedom of the love, false Christs shouting themselves God may teach you with a reverent face, that if you do not love your wife or your husband, then leave him, because you also have the right to the happiness. Who does not run his own competition however, does not finish hiw own thing, and does not win above the darkness or won’t be worthy onto the redemption, his reward will be everlasting suffering for sure. The marriage is not obligatory, but who get’s maried, that man has a divine obligation. If somebody lives so however, than the married people live together, and is afraid of the holiness of the marriage, the dark tamasz is the lord in that person also.