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Written by Ayurvéda portál   


Some churches do serious efforts to stop abortion. But on the other hand science and some ethnic groups are defending the abortion with increasingly bigger strength. One party has the reason of protecting life and the feelings of the embryo, while the other party tries to reach their goals with denying the feelings of the embryo and referring to man’s free will. What should a believer person think about this topic?


The laws expressed by the churches are from non-knowledge, the same way as the effors of those people who would like to support abortion. All the laws of God are for man, and not against man. So the fight of the churches against people supportig abortion is just as wrong as the abortion itself. Why? 

A freed man, who is strong in faith and love, accepts his own act and its consequence. Till the time he is on this way, he lives with the support of the strength of sattva. Man who resorts to abortion is afraid of his own act, or it’s consequence, independently of its reason (does not feel himself/herself capable, does not have the conditions, there is no proper material background, does not want to commit himself / herself, etc). The fear, the shyness is one of the principal characteristics of tamas (darnkess), which indicates about the person that he is not freed at all. On the reason of this all abortion is a sin, since there is duality in man, and duality is the nature of the sin.
The churches' point of view is false because if man keeps the baby she does not love, would live in the same duality and fear, so keeping the baby is also a sin. A person, who irresponsible goes into a sexual relationship which can have a child, falls into the trap of the soul, as there can not be a salutary solution of this story.
In this case man can only decide which could be the way where he commits smaller sin, where the power of tamas is the less, because when man needs to forgive, he can forgive easier the sin with less weight. The church has the correct standpoint (although with incorrect law), because man can take the hardest liberation from under a murder.
A bad fruit comes from a bad tree, so if man is not able or do not want to be responsible for the possible consequesnes of his actions, it would be the same sin as the result of his act. At this time man ususally reaches a kind of consciousness, from where there is no freed (sattvic) get-out, so man becomes the servant of the devil behind his back.
Who would like to reach the country of God, should not allow to abuse himself. If somebody only knows laws and hereby continuously lives in remorse, serves the Satan the same way as the person who gets into the darkness due to non-knowledge. Who does not know the spiritual laws, but follows them in his actions, can easily lose his faith, because devil is a great argumentator. A prepared scientist or a scripturist with only half-knowledge can easily give doubt to the person who only knows the law, and could easily change this person with low faith to his own similar image. Please understand what I would like to teach you, man would not be more with the knowledge sounding logician, but man would be more when he is able to move just above this knowledge. Do not allow the evil to move into your heart, but understand the world that you should be free.