Demonic infection Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

Démoni fertőzésWhen man gets into contact with other man, he has effect on the other person. The more he sticks to and draws to the other person the more obvious the impact is. If the object of the affection is the darkness or a man living in the captivity of passion, man with a much clearer soul could also get infected with these bandages.

A person could have seven demons, which also could evolve in the other person if the affection between these two people is strong enough. Fear from the material world, fear from the sexuality, fear from unacceptance, fear from self-expression, fear from responsibility and fear from liberation could also bring into life the same fear in the other person, and also any fear could revive any other fear in the other person depending on his personality. Let’s see some examples:

Your partner, who you draw to, could bring anything out from you if you are not conscious enough, she can show you the deepest level of your soul, which you have never seen before. She is afraid of the pain and handles criticizm hard. If you dare to contradict her she would be in a tantrum and would tell you that you do not love her, and you would like to match her needs and prove that you love her. So this way the the demon of the fear from the pain existing in your partner would bring into life the demon of the fear from unacceptace in you.
Is your partner afraid of the unacceptance and fights for your attention continuously? Does she need continuous compliments and acknowledgement? Will she get rude and tough if she does not get it? Are you dread when she will hurt you again? This way creates your partner’s demon of the fear from unacceptance your demon of the fear from the pain.
Your partner does not dare, or can not express herself? She does not dare to tell you honestly what she really wants, but if you do not act like as her wish she would be angry with you? You do not dare to live and decide freely, because you are afraid of that it is not your partner’s will? This way creates your partner’s demon of ‘fear from self-expression’ your demon of ‘fear from freedom’.
Does your partner charge her environment for everything? Is she not able to accept that she is responsible for all of her acts? Does she accuse you that you made her unhappy? And because of this you are afraid to establish a sexual relationship with her, or to have a child together? This way creates your partner’s demon of ‘fear from responsibility’ your demon of ‘fear from sexuality’.
Is your partner afraid to live freely? Does she use controls and monitoring all the time? Are you not dare to live without the rules of your partner? This way shared your parner her demon of ‘fear from liberation’ with you.
These examples are just a small piece of the total combination. In the old times the religious upbringig was much more in focus. So man always had the answers for the most common fears (ex.: starvation: “man lives not only with bread”). People were able to face their fears with the help of their faith, so devil was not able to get closer to them. The false faith systems spread by the false science are not able to resolve most of the fears. People became combatant and competitor, which express itself in mercenary, lust for power, and the distortion of the sexual norms, etc. In the deficiency of the correct faith the devil's demons (see the listed demons above) infect freely, and nowadays the churches are not able to take up the fight also, because the churches do not show real alternative opposite the deformed world. The life is about power and money inside there also, which is flagged under piety.
If you would like to live life which God really appreciates, you should strenghten your faith first, stop the demonic infection in yourself, and also concerned by you. Obtain true knowledge, which would be able to beat the demons living in you. Recognise your demon, and face up who you serve with. This is the most important task of a believer. Think of it if you really serve God with your ‘benevolence’?
If you understand what I teach you now, and you recognise the devil in yourself, and you can call your demon by his name, the time of your escape is close, because the devil is like that a thief. He has strength till the host does not see him. But when his operation comes into existence, his judgement will came to life, and the host could get rid of him. Be a good host and name your thief who harms you.