The power is in unity! Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   
 Szentlélek: egységben az erőA morning radio program gave the topic of this article. The anchormen looked for the answer, that which one is the most correct farming form for the family: the common cash register or the separate husbandry. Well, the most various stories came to the appeal. Someone told that if his partner cannot pay the holiday, then he goes alone, someone reported that they do not even know each other’s financial situation.
The naive man would look up onto such a musical, but fundamentally to a conception which advertises separation, however the people praising themselves, who has been talking about their separation proudly – many times with lies, they do not even guess, how nice their message tunes in the ear of a man who understands the soul. 
At the beginnings God created the man and the woman into unit (For this cause will a man go away from his father and his mother and be joined to his wife; and they will be one flesh), and since the people living in unity cannot assimilate with each other (they cannot live in duality, otherwise the unity ends), ordered the man as the head of the woman. It is possible not understanding with this, because it harms the ego of most of the women, if she feels that she is not equal with the man. Who believes in God though, understands what I am telling: the nature of the man and female unity does not resides int he fact, that the women leads the man, since the female nature is recipient (I wrote about this in an other aticle already). So the reign is unnatural int he case of a woman. Who advertises the break-away to the married couples, preaches the verb of the devil.
It does not make the marriages worthless only or ruins it, if the community assimilates with itself, but any kind of community. Look at the country! The fight for the power leaded to the sharing of the country, that besides, that the legislation and the maintenance costs approximately one and a half much, moreover the assimilation of the country with itself took himself to the endge of the bankruptcy. It works exactly so, as if a man and a woman would assimilate with each other in an alliance. In this not that is the question, that who has right, but that the unit would have lifted up the country, the duality decides it into misery though.
Any kind of friendly company, any kind of spiritual community is able to die away, if his members assimilate with each other. This happens mostly, if the leader spirituality takes away from the community, which is able to forge the community into a unit despite the otherness of the members. You know about it that the lord in the community is the satan and not the God, that instead of the acquisition of the common experiences, the learning from each other, the bodily-spiritual helping on the members who got in trouble, the shrift of the sins of each other following things come to the front: the sit in judgement on the others sins, the expectations, the masterfulness on each other.
Those communities on the other hand, who are in unity, can reach anything. Where the women follows the man, the community is faithful to the formation of the basic principles, there the faith of two people, is the will of God. A community like this increases and dissolves in God. Think about it:if the man is the creator power and the woman is the recipient aspect of the life, everything stands together then, in order for them to reach whatever they would like. The woman tells her desires to the man, the man tells let’s be so! and the woman is able to admit it with a soul,  then the creator power and that where the creation comes into existence stands together. This is the secret of the unit of the man and the woman, they two together, in unit represent the main principle of the existence. If any of them gives away his nature, suffering and split waits for the contact. These laws more universally, but are true onto the bigger communities as well.
Understand what I want to teach to you! Not all communities are holy. The community which is from interest, any kind of majestic is it’s aim, is the tool of the deceit of the devil, since although the interest holds the community together, the assimilation is obvious. Such a communities of interest for example:the communities of the globalization, but a side community fighting for power can be such a community of interest, or the marriage of convenience. A community becomes saint, if all members find that aim in it, that he is able to serve without a condition, and his own place in the building of the community. A community is not strong because of that, that everybody is skilled at everything, or deals with everything, possibly that everybody wants to lead the community. It becomes an incontestable community from that, that all members can put a value which is correct his own nature in the interest of the common aim.
The power is in unity! The phrase sounds so correctly. The unit can’t only utilize in the revolution well, but on the divine road as well. The faith of two people is the will of God, so sounds the law, the faith of a community  hits more then the faith of two people though. The ego of the man may dissolves in unity only, his fear and his pain, moreover all of his illnesses can be taken away by the community. Who understands this, stands in the gate of God’s country immediately. Who is scandalized in this though, the shade of the darkness falls on that man, because he does not know the truth in his heart:that in the final reality everything is One!