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Written by Ayurvéda portál   


A dogma

 A psychologist told me once that the religious doctrines are dogmatic, they do not stand their ground in the world already. It is more popular to concern the group of the people who are looking for spiritual roads with this sentence, the people hidden behind rational mask contrast the science with the ones following the “dogmatic ideology”.

Oh, human Babilon, how far may your border expand and how long will you make the man blind, you let him to believe, that he sees while he is groping in the darkness.The original meaning of the “dogma” word is:”what proved to be correct”, the catholic church means on the dogmatic principles, which principles the humanity got from God directly, namely those has to be accepted as true one. What may be the problem with the dogmatic pricniples if they are true? Or rather the principles of the science are not dogmatic than if the humanity accepted those as true one?
Carrying on the talk with out psychologist, clearing the meaning of the dogma word with him, he jumped immediately into the deep water and set his message right in this manner:The problem in the christianity is that he has basis dogmas which are not proven. Well, in the pool there wasn’t water for sure, because when I heard this I perceived the togetherness not anymore as a sacral talk, but as a show program. I love to talk about the science, because I perceive it only as a religion, which get’s to God sooner or later. I have asked immediately, that the science does not have fundamentals like this? He answered no. It seems that we did not study on the same university, because where I was taught also a name was provided to that:axiom. The axiom is such a start-up condition, which we consider as given in the course of the arguments. He has an other name as well:elemental truth, so it is called in scientific circles. Then we have arrived, since the axioms of the religion are the dogmas.
The less the man knows an area, the more he leans on axioms, hereafter call them dogmas. So this was in the beginning of the science, the experiantal laws were full of the dogmas, then as a scholar spaded deeper and deeper, the number of the dogmas decreased more and more. So it is with the religions. Like the truth finders similar to the science, they lived with a lot of dogmas at first, as the God search developed, the number of the dogmas has been reduced.
According to the today’s stage of the science in the more-developed atomic model can be found probability statements as well, so the models which arose since the Borh sort of atomic model can’t be meant exact (the exactness has been demolished with the wave equation from Schrödinger with the fact that he used variate in the model). The “M” theory is the most developed scientific bases in our days, according to the scholars with this we can read the thoughts of God, is based on a lot of dogma, because the science is not able to prove the final reality. This is also so if the doctrines are near to the reality. At the same time the “M” theory proves the most important dogma of the religion, that everything is One (this means that there is one God and noone else is outside of him).
There is no man who would know it apart from me (would not suspect or believe it!) that the science slowly get’s stuck in the search of the truth and he is only able to keep on, if he exists from under the limits given by the material world and associates with the religious ideas. Namely the final truth appears as a misshapen image only in the material world, the proper laws, which appear in the material world as projection, are the laws of the spirit. The unit comes between the religion and the science then and both of them arrive to God. This road entails victims however, there is no single scientific professor or reader who may reach this glory without it, than to go through a consciousness change and would not convert to God spiritually in the meanwhile.
At the end only one dogma left, what the man is not able to prove for the rest of the people, that everything is One. That person who is able to prove this to himself, does not have a place any more in the material world, since he becomes a Buddha, such a clear consciousness being, whom the material world is not able to admit any more.
The esoteric doctrines often denies the science, with the correct interpretation of the science their spiritual knowledge may be expanded though. This is so reversely. For what boasts the science of, if there will be a time, when he has to associate with the science of the religion.