The fight of dragons Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

 Sárkányok viadalaMan would think that dragons do not exist, they died out so late, that their memory lives only in fantasy art. A mixed idea is attached to the dragons. There are people who remember to the evil dragons from their childhood dreams, who steal princesses, and there are people who see the good side of the dragons from the modern tails (ex.: Süsü).

Dragons were the symbols of the keepers of the subconscious in the eastern mythologies. The existence of the subconscious is one of the attachments of separated-feeling of man, known as the existence of ego. The final aim of everybody, who is looking for God, and also the final aim of joga is the defeat of this separation. To reach the victory man should face the dragon living in himself, who protects the passage between consciousness and subconscious.
Dragon living in man has seven, fourteen, or twenty-one heads, and these are the seven main fears, the seven main desires, and the seven main sins. Of course the subconscious passage can be written with the seven-headed dragon (the seven fears), the others are just the effect of them. The cause-effect chain is built up as: fear-desire-sin. One derives from the other.
You can read in different scriptures about the fight of the dragon, among other things the Book of Revelations writes about the fight of the dragon, mostly on earth. I hope you understand that the dragon is inside man, and we can interpret the fight differents ways. If we see the dragon as the ego, the fight will be clear for everybody. The nature of the human ego is that it wants to receive, so because of this it is able to walk through everything which holy is. The outcome of this will be: stress between people, force, and the nightmare of humanity, the war. There is a controlled aspect of the ego, which competes, so in this case the type of the fight will be the participation in different skill-, strength- and  mind-championships.
Do not forget about the other type of the dragon-fight. Millions of believers are fighting against their soul, to beat what they do not consider correct. Man, who digs deep enough in himself and recognises the darkness in him, will have desire for a change. The more he gets to know himself, the more darkness is fighting against him, and pulls him back, so change will not happen with those who do not know the secret of the conquest of the dragon.
What is the secret? Certainly the dragon-killer, the verb of God. Only those person can beat the dragon in himself, who is able to put a defender to all of it’s head, who is able to master the beast. You can read about the defender verbs in the article of “Answers”.
About the nature of the dragon I already wrote in many articles. Dragon could have more heads, but it has only one body, so it regenerates well. This means, if you cut one of it’s head (you solve your related lifeconflict) it could easily grow back, if you are not awake enough. For example after a family conflict, you overcome the second head of the dragon if the time of the reconciliation comes. But at the same time if you are not able to forgive, next time you will put the burden increased by the previous conflict to the other person, so you will remember to the previous fight, and your fear and anger could be more, than it would be reasonable from this current conflict.
With the verb man can keep his dragon under control, but these verbs will not bring final liberation, irradiation. The final defeat of the dragon would be the fact if man realises that the dragon itself is only an illusion. The condition of this is the filling and experiencing the law, that everything in One.
I wrote it in many articles, but I will write it down again and again: God called away his believers to liberation, and his commandments are the road signs of the road of the liberation. As the apostles and after them the Christians distributed their property not to be tempted by the dragon,  so does the followers of the eastern religions aim for a life without any property, and to beat all their insistence to earthy (material) things. There is one God, so the similarity is not without reason. Man could get into the country of heaven really hard, who has strong insistence to any of the creatures of the material world. Who serves his dragon and not God with his actions, judges himself to suffering because happiness is only an illusion in the dragon. Real happiness could be brought by the promise of God, in which every creature serves moral, peace, truth and love in unity, with helping each other (and not against each other).
Of course there is somebody who can kill the dragon, who is able to cut all the heads of the dragon at once, without giving them any chane to grow back. He is the redeemer. Who is not able to beat his dragon with even a continuous fight, has only one single chance: his redeemer. Who believes in him, and waits for his coming, will not remain in shame.