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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

 VálaszokWhen I talk about the faith to people, many people start a talk with me in this topic. Usually at the second or at the third sentence it turns out, that we both do not think the same thing about the faith. The “I believe, but” or “I believe, I just do not know it”, the “ I try” and similar expressions like this betrays the man immediately. People think many times that a positive approach to an information is already a faith.

The faith is such a senses formation, which defines the activity and the fate of the man. That man does not believe in the truth, who lies continuously, also that man does not believe in the love, who continuously harms even with a thought to the other man. The acquisition of the faith happens most rarely in the man proceeded from himself, the faith arises from an outside information mostly, as the prophet says it:” the faith is from hearsay”.

Changing the wrong faiths imprinted to the man is most difficult for the person who identifies his own faith system with himself, the ego protests against the change ardently at this time. To the alteration of the faith system there is a need for the strength of the Holy Spirit as well, who makes the man capable to forgive the old faith system, or one of the element of it, without it the alteration of the faith system isn’t impossible, but it is possible that the devil tempts on this road countinuously. In order to be able to avoid the attendant spiritual-bodily pains, it is good if the man is able to suit the devil. The fear, the remorse, the debt sensation and other additional images bring suffering onto the man, however with the correct answers, to which the man insists, all this is avoidable, if the man is faithful to them. The faith leads to the development and conversion of the faith system always, this is why it is such an important aspect of the life. Additionally I write down some answers, with which the temptation of the devil can be banished, if the man finds them true.
If the demon of the death tempts you:Even if I walk in the shade of the death, I am not afraid, but I insist on the truth. Because as long as the fear brings a death to me, the truth gives me a life, if I am faithful to him – although let my body be of the decay -, God raises in the incorruptible.
If the demon of the remorse tempts:Opress only remorse, I am not scared. There is a soul, who saved my sins, I believe in the Jesus from Nazareth, and I confess that He is the Christ, who came onto the forgiving of the sins of the past and the future. My darkness disappears in hoping of his light, following his road I am going to have an eternal life.
If the devil suggests you that you get to the hell anyway:You lie apparently angel of the darkness, not you died for me on the cross and requested from God from the depths of the hell, but my saviour. The devil does not have a power on me so, but I follow the word of my saviour in order to get out of the darkness.
If the demon of the poverty tempts:It is written:”Look at the heavenly birds, that they do  not sow, do not reap, they don’t cover into barn either, and your heavenly Father keeps them. Aren’t you much better than they are? Who is that from among you though, who may can increase his stature by a span with his solicitude?”
In the time of the fast and gluttony, if the devil tempts:”The man does not live on bread only, but with all verbs, what is given from God”.
If the demon of the solitude tempts:Tempt only solitude, but I am not alone, because it is written:”And so, I am with you every day until the end of the world!”. If there is no woman/man, with whom I could share my life, who sent me and to whom my soul makes an effort is with me all the time.
If the demon of the pain tempts:If the life hurts and it is hard to tolerate it, the promises of the Lord comfort me, I take delight in his creatures, and I do my duty with faith, because when I did my task, God wipes all tears from my eye and all suffering dissolves in his grace.
If the demon of the power tempts:It is written:”Adore your God and serve him only”. What I do for the man, I do it for God, what for the devil, that I offer to God, that I never should be scandalized in myself.
If the demon of the not accepting tempts:The aim, that I chase, is my destiny, the road, I walk on, I know it, only I know it where I came from and where I am going, noone has a right to judge it, only who created me and the aim. In order to bear the hate, and let me not stick at my road, in order ro reach my aim, God gives me strength to that.
If the fear from expressing out myself tempts:I believe in it what I consider to be true, I speak according as I believe, and I act according as I speak, the devil who sees a mistake in this, accuses me, but I am not scared, because if God sees a mistake in this also, then he sets me right. According to his teaching I believe in it what I consider to be true in the future also, I speak according, as I believe, and I act according as I speak, but I became more perfect in the meanwhile.
If the fear from the responsibility tempts:It is written:”Be holy, because I am the Lord, I am saint!” I know the aim, I miss the road yet, while I do not reach my aim, I am a thief, I acknowledge it. I am not ashamed of who I am, because who I am, is the will of God as well. When I get to know the God in myself though, I become a saint immediately.
The above ones are examples only, without the want of the completeness. Finally one poem summarizing the above ones well:
 “The Lord is my shepherd; I do not need of. He reposes me on grassy pastures, and he shepherds me to calm waters.
He exhilarates my soul, he guides me on the path of the truth for his name.
Even if I walk in the valley of the shade of the death, I am not afraid of the evil, because you are with me; your stick and staff console me.
You lay a table for me in front of my enemies; you flood my head with oil; my glass is full to the brim.
Your goodness and mercy follow me on all of the days of my life certainly, and I reside in the house of the Lord until a long time.”