Useless Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   
 HaszontalanMan who is not conscious, or with other words: who lives with passion, can be identified easily as he does a lot of useless thing, which has no benefit in his life, but it fills his earthly life well. Of course he does this unconsciously, but if somebody brings his attention to it, he would make sure about the significance of his acts due to the non-knowledge in him. 
It is written that people will be without sense at the end of this age, and not only this vedic prophecy is fulfilled on them, but also the warning of Prophet Isaiah. Most of the people have ears but they do not listen, have eyes but they do not see, so their conscious is just to create illusion around themselves and around other people. Just think about! Will the seeding be useless if man does not harvest the crop? Let us take some example of man's useless acts.
It is useless to go to the church for those who do not believe in God, because we do not recognize a believer that he desperately names God in his need, or he sits in the church every week. It is not the aim to fill more and more churches, but the aim is that soul should rise in the community. A believer person follows God's guidance and makes effort to liberate under the physical constraints. It will be the same at the end of the world also. Man can count into his good actions that he visited the church often, God will give his mercy only to the person who considered himself and the other people as the church of the soul and was a good owner of it.
It is useless to pray if you have no faith that it can be fulfilled. Who multiplies the word, but his heart doubts, acts useless for sure. If you believe it is enough to pray only once, if you do not believe it doesn't matter how many times you mumble a request. The essence of a prayer is not that you deal more and more with your need, but you to be open to the will of God. God favours to believers, and you prove your faith not with your continuous requests, but with the ability that you are able to change in order to grow spiritually without any condition.
One of the world's most useless things is the question where the given answer does not interest man, or at least he does not draw the lesson from it. Billions of people ask questions daily from propriety, habit, or just to show that they care about the others. However the given answer goes in one of their ears, and out on the other one, and the following day they hardly remember that they had a question. The importance of the question is to receive an information which will help to dissolve the doubt and to grow spiritually.
It is useless to ask without any need and it is useless to give if there is nobody there to ask. The aim of asking and giving is not to increase the ego, but to stop duality between people, so this way the devil should be kept away from communities and God’s will can be fulfilled, moral can be increased.
We can hardly find a more useless thing than to study and study but not to use the knowledge. The knowledge loads man's consciousness, could be lost when time passes by, but the experienced knowledge makes an eternal impression in man’s soul. Who learns spiritual laws  but does not follow them, can be easily find himself under the judgement of his own. The aim of learning is not to have more and more knowledge, but to be able to live on earth without duality and to be able to serve God here.
It is useless to develop and maintain contacts if the clamp is just the need. The aim of a long partnership, so does the marriage, is to achieve together the goals which were settled together. If man gets married only because of sexual affection, or for financial safety, devil can move quickly in this marriage, if the affection or the financial stability is over.
It is useless to spend more time with a conflict or with a loss which is needed to draw the lesson. Who always remember to these things, believes in them, so should not be surprised if he generates the same conflict again and again. Every minute you spend with pain and self-pity will reduce the time you can spend on the solution.
It is useless to work if man gets tired but his work has no result, or his work is just for itself. The aim of the work is not to have something we can pass time buy, but to serve our family and all the other people. If we check the process globally we can recongize that the result of one man’s life always supports an other man’s life. This ecological balance organizes every entity into a unit. Who wants to have a share in the goods without work became a thief, and his fate would shape accordingly.
It is useless to travel if man is not there and it is useless to stay there if man is not present. It is not the aim that your body should always be somewhere, but the aim is to recognize that the soul is there everywhere and always. Who collects false experiences for the after-ages and for himself, instead of living through the travelling, who is not present just his camera is present, makes useless thing because he misses the real experience. The sense of travelling is not to see the world, but the worldview. For you to be able to see with the soul, you should know how other people see in different countries.
It is useless to be born if you do not live, and it is useless to die if you do not leave anything around you just perishable staff. It is useless to generate fire if there is nothing to be heaten, and it is useless to swith on light if there is nothing to see. I could list man's useless acts through long sides, but if you are able to see what all examples are about, you can conclude that consciousness is the topic of all. To be conscious does not mean what most esoteric masters suggest. Does not mean that you should use false doctrines (card, astrology, fortune-teller) to help in your decisions, but it means that you should fling according what you would like to harvest. If you would like to harvest wheat, you should fling wheat,  and if you would like to harvest barley you should fling barley. Who usually does not fling, life will take care about what to harvest, but in this case you should not be surprised if you would harvest: nettle.
Let’s see the unity of cause and consequence in order not to have useless life, and do not give opportunity to the devil to drag you into duality because of your useless acts. You should know that you have no control over your useless actions, but God will take care about your acts driven by faith, and you will not be cheated when you harvest. Man who loves himself  does not act what can turn against himself later. Conscious man is able to direct his acts according to be able to love himself in the future also, unconscious man lives his exorbitant life and cries if loss comes in the future.
The truth, the love and the peace are more than man believes about them. If humanity finally puts down his wrong idea that they know them, and will start for looking after them together, they will realize that the consciousness is one of the most important part of the road.