The End Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

 VilágvégeThose people who are changing their religious affiliation as other their underwear, they do not know what they are doing. There is no other God only one! Who rejects the God of one of the religion, and converts to another religion, what may be his reward, when he meets there with an other name or an other aspect of the same God. The rebellion of the man is obvious, since he is not able to catch God’s completeness, neither that how many face he might have, but in his heart evil burns. This article is about the end, we present it through that, that there is no more God, only more religions.

According to the vedic writings at the end of the Kali-yuga (current age) Kalki (it’s meaning is:white horse), who is nothing else, than the 10. embodiment of Visnu is going to come in order to destroy the Earth, because he may save the life on the Earth only so. According to the teachings Kalki flies on a white horse from the sky, there is a burning sword in his hand, with which he cleans the Earth from the evil. According to the vedic teachings also Buddha himself was the Visnu 9. embodiment. If this is true, than of course we also can say, that Buddha himself is going to come to save the Earth. The Buddhists do not think neither on the doomsday, nor on it’s beginning on principle, but the end can be discovered in some teachings: 
 “The Doctrine of the Me-Soul gleams brightly, than the fire that flames at the end of the world, cancels the mistakes of the philosophers, burning the forest of the me-without. (Lank.Sagatakam, 766)”. 
The Krishna believers knows for sure, that Krishna is the Visnu 8. embodiment, for the Muslims the faith in the last day is in their most important five laws, moreover the members of the Siita trend are waiting for the mahdit (messiah), whos return is going to be similar to the return of Christ. The Christians believe in Christ of course, about who the people knows, that “Me and the Father we are one”, or rather the 19. chapter of The Book of the Revelation is similar to the prophecy of Kalki weirdly: 
 “11. And the heaven was open; and I saw a white horse, and he who was seated on it was named Certain and True; and he is judging and making war in righteousness. 
12. And his eyes are a flame of fire; and crowns are on his head; and he has a name in writing, of which no man has knowledge but himself.” 
 “15. And out of his mouth comes a sharp sword, with which he overcomes the nations; and he has rule over them with a rod of iron; and he is crushing with his feet the grapes of the strong wrath of God the Ruler of all.” 
If we complete it with the fact that Christ himself is the son of the White horse, than the identity of the story becomes clear. In order for you not to have a doubt, God did not execute the filling of his anger because of the believers doing high ethically currently. Like this it is also a grace, that there is time onto the conversion till then.  
The events written down in the scriptures do not begin until God does not separate the offal wheat from the corn. When the Human being asks for his folk of God, who were faithful to him forever, the resurrection of the dead ones occurs. I saw in one of my visions, that the bones fly out from the earth, they straighten up, and then they fill slowly with meat and life. With the resurrection the choosen people will be ravished immediately, and those will follow them, who just live and who also belong to the choosen people.  
What is going to happen with those people who stay on the Earth? There will be people who will be converted because they recognise it that the secret of God has been fulfilled. Since they did not believe then when there was a time in order to stay awake, God tries their faith. Who holds on, may finds salvation. Who won’t be converted, but they pollute the Earth henceforward, the end comes onto them with slow steps. Man attacks against a man, the rest of the believers will be hunted, like the rabid fox. The Antichrist comes in this period as well. Watch out, don’t let yourself to be deceived by him, because he is going to have a power on the inhabitants of the Earth that time. He acts similar to God, he makes miracles, and he lets himself to be adored as a God. He talks about peace similar to the Human Being, and he teaches about love. But he deceives the inhabitants of the Earth, because in his heart resides the lust for power and not the love. His one single aim is to gather and to have a power on the humanity. He advertieses a unit, though the globalization is not the sign of the unit, because it raises himself above the unit in order for him to lead. He ravages and destroys in the name of the peace. Be watching the signs, because he is in the world already and the world venerates for him now already. But also the enemy of the antichrist is in the world already. Huge strengths clash, these are all the signs of the parturition, that you see in the world. When the Human Being will be anointed and is united with his, the face of the satan becomes obvious, but then you are for it already.  
I saw a big plain in one of my visions, where a huge crowd gathered. From one part an army with a demonic hordes looking like a man marched with a dire armament in order to destroy those people in whom the hope in God lived still. Their multitude was countless, the incensed herd was about to trample the minute group. The sign of the Human Being appeared on the sky at this time, a huge light arose and the handful team escaped. 
I do not tell it in detail what has happened with the evils, because it is not important. The true ones do not feel a malicious joy over the evil’s fall, the not true ones does not need knowledge about their own end. Believe me, that who believes and waits for his Redeemer watchfully, escapes and will not experience the horrors. Who will be converted after the ecstasy only though, but does not get weak in his faith, will also live if he dies because God breathes a life into him on that day when he comes with a big glory. 
It does not matter which religion you believe in. If your aim is the liberation and to this you catch the armament of the morals, the peace, the truth and the love, than you will realise it, that there is one God. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Kalki or in Christ, possibly in Buddha, because they are also one, however their name is different. If the end comes, those people will escape, who are weak spiritually, who are mild, who are clement, who thirst after the truth, who are crying, who makes an effort to the peace, who follow the truth, who have a clean heart. Those people are also happy, who are hunted for the God’s country, because God does not let to get lost any single innocent soul. The selectness does not mean a religious affiliation, but a spiritual affiliation. 
The enemies of Christ are the death, the illness, the handicap, the duality, the fear, the disbelief, the not accepting, the distrust, the ignorance, the denial of the reality etc. Decide if you are an enemy or you want to be a believer.