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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

 Az eggyé válás hét szintjeMany people going on the esoteric road heard that concept already, that love without a condition, but very few people understand, what this means. How it has to be reached though, I could count it on my one hand, how many people knows it. The knowledge without an understanding stays an empty balloon however, such an illusion, which restrains instead of frees. I tell you a story about the road of how you can become as one, who understands my verb is a happy man… 

To become as one comes true on sevel levels in the man, that man may like anything only, who went along these stairs (if not even consciously). There you are, the seven levels how you can become as one:
1. The confidence:The confidence means the openness to the world. The infants have this aspect without a condition, because they are strongly driven by the instinct of becoming one yet. They do not know, what is wrong and what is good, they just want to discover the world so as it is. The confidence do not select, whatever the life brings in front if it, is able to contemplate it without a condition, and to start the next task of the becoming as one. The biggest enemy of the confidence is the fear.
2. The contact:If there is a confidence in the man thanks to his instinct of becoming one, makes contact with the unknown promptly. The five (six) organ can be used generally onto the contact uptake. As the baby wants to touch and taste everything promptly, apart from this the adult man examines the things which are unknown for him with his eyes, and one of the form of the communication to the contact uptake. The leap to the next level of the becoming one has just started with this. The biggest enemy of the contact is the apathy.
3. The cognition:The cognition is that process, in which the man understands the aim and aspects of the existence of the world/thing/person which are unknown for him. All of the five organs can be used for the cognition implicitily, however getting an idea comes true on a senses level mostly. The man can get the wanted information with a honest communication mostly. As long as the first stair is relatively easy, the cognition is a very unclear process. When does the congition ends? When can be said, that you know a man or any kind of entity? It is hard to give an answer on this question. Of course, there are some people, who can, and he says that he knows his son, his husband etc. A man like this is in a big aberration and he commits the sins of the cognition, which is nothing else, than the generalisation, the assumption. The generalisation is the nature of the man who lives according to the body, who does not want or is afraid to take a time to the cognition, and instead of it he generalizes from some aspects from his previous experiences. It occurs at this time, that he sees his father in his husband as well or in a new contact the old one. For a man like this it makes no difference what kind of dog, because all dog is the same, and I still could count it further on. The assumption is that, when the man expects from another man the same result or output based on his own approach, what in senses he already educed in himself. This is also a kind of generalisation, and also here the lack of the confidence can be noticed. The next level began already with the cut-off of the cognition.
4. Acceptance:The man may decide at any kind of depth of the congition next to an entity or a thing, and against it. If he got to know it properly, then the acceptance won’t fail, since here the properly means, that he recognised himself in the other one as well. Understand, that if you did not accept your fellowman, there is a pain and fear in your heart on him (this can be envy, anger etc.) then you did not recognise him actually, you do not trust him sufficiently, and because of your pain you also neglect the contact. But if you have accepted the world as it is, you have stepped onto the next level.
5. Expression:The man is able to express the world, the entities recognised by him in the everyday life, with which he is able to identify himself. He is able to talk about it without a pain in order to be allowed for the rest of the people to recognise it so as he sees the world. This process is the sharing:the world what I have recognised and accepted, is me. Thereby that I proclaim the recognised things in myself, I let it thereby that also other people can be as one with it, those people, with whom I am also one.
6. Taking responsibility. What I have learned, accepted and I proclaimed from myself, is me. Admitting this is the taking responsibility. I don’t have a secret, I don’t have a fear. I have learned this, I became this. If someone knows more about the world at me, that man should tell it to me, I will also learn that one and then I will know the world more punctually, I will also be someone else, I will have more accurate picture about myself and about the world.
To become as One. To become as one means that I am freed from the bodily laws and I understand that I am there in everything. I know myself in everything and I know the everything in myself. I became free, and I love myself without a condition.
Each of the seven levels of the become as one are linked to each other. If one of them does not work, also the rest won’t. Imagine, how you can accept anybody if you do not have confidence in him. If you are not able to express something, are you able to recognise it?
I tell it to those people who are venenate with esoteric knowledge that what I wrote down here is the road of the rise of the kundalini. Who is able to that, may can recognise the experience of the love without condition. But it is not important, how we call this road, the important is, that you understand, what the road means. Not the hypocritical knowledge brings the world ahead, but the faith and the understanding. If you use words, but there is no true knowledge behind them, you follow illusion, and you also give to the world a false illusion from yourself. You give the opportunity of to become as one neither for yourself, nor to the world, in order for him to get one with you. You have decided about your fate and the suffering, which is the gift of the illusion remains for you. But if you listen to my word and you put down the illusion, happiness and rise is waiting for you. Decide whether you believe me, who I teach you free and I have a power to the liberation, or false prophets, who do not even have a strength in order to get recognise themselves, not even you.