The self-awareness Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

Az öntudat

I asked from numberless people in the course of my life, that “Who are You?”. I got the possible most diverse answers for this relatively easy question:”I am a man”, I am hungarian”, “ I am an entrepreneur”. The asked people often combine such and many other similar attributes to these, for example:”I am an independent matron and also a firm manager”.


My next question is obvious for sure, however in most cases the breath get stucks as well:”Why you became the person who you consider yourself?”. Just few people know the correct answer, I have to talk a lot with the person in order for her to realise it, why she got to be a mother or a contractor. When we get to the conclusion together, that the man becomes to that person whom he considers himself right now because of his desires and decisions, my next question arrives as a cold shower suddenly:”Could you have become someone else as well?”

We get to the conclusion slowly nicely together, that everybody can become anybody of course, that this does not always turns out has only one single reason, her own not knowledge, that does not ensure for her a full free will. When the man feels himself on a safe ground already, that slips out from under her as a flying carpet onto that questions, that “ Who are you then in fact?”. As you can see this question forces the man into an eternal, periodic speculation, while he does not recognise the reality.
The ego and the self-awareness can be mixed very easily, since the ego is the deformed copy of the self-awareness. Just think over! If you consider yourself a Hungarian, everybody is your enemy, who hates the Hungarians, if you consider yourself a man, all women is your enemy, who hates the men, if you consider yourself as a boss, all the employees will be your enemy, whom you lead. If you consider yourself as a fradist (this is a Hungarian football team), than all fans will hate you, who does not like the fradist people. It does not matter who you consider yourself, as long as the ego is the lord in it, the fight, the image of the enemy or the separation is in it till then.
If you consider yourself a man, you may have enemy also than, from the world of the animals, the plants, but it may happen that you just hate the certain incidences of the weather. You can never reach the final relief so, your senses will always root in the duality, which is the reason of your sufferings.
If you ask from me that who I am, than my answer is that I am a soul. I am the smallest from among the smallest ones, but the largest things are built from me in the life. Imagine that on a ground there is a snowman and a snow rabbit opposite each other. One of them considers himself for a snowman, the other one for a snow rabbit, but I am the snow, from which both of them are. They consider themselves for something else because of their ego, I am in both of them because of my love and they are also in me. The rabbit and also the snowman realise in the course of their spiritual development, that not they exist, but I, who I am.
The real self-awareness is without a differentiation, as the snowline is endless for the rabbit and for the snowman as well, the soul is also endless and without a time. If you consider yourself as a soul, you don’t have a denial in yourself against any single existing, because you realise that you are also he. Who is that who you consider yourself now? A manifestation of the eternal who took a shape? In our example, if the snow starts to melt, the snow rabbit and the snowman stops existing. If the love, the faith runs out from you, it will be lost, because your life becomes a nothing so, as you cannot even imagine it.
I preach to you, that believe in it, that you are not only a form attended with a name, than the mentioned two shapes, but a soul. The love can’t be a human low, because the man is not able to love on orders. However if you approach the state of the self-awareness the better, the stronger the love will be in you. The soul and it’s fruits gives you life, if you do not acknowledge your subjection in yourself, you judge yourself onto suffering. If you accept the God in yourself, you can become who you want to be, because the God shapes you to his own mood, onto your reconciliation.