In the shade of the death Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

Temető: a halál árnyékában

Every man has an interest of the concept of the death and the related informations with it. There are people who are dare to face with this topic and there are people who don’t. The fear from the death makes many different kind of fallacy and a lot of substitute activity then in the senses of the man. The religions about the death also commit in many ways, neither that helps to the average man apparently, that in the different religions there isn’t a uniform world view about this topic. The aim of this article is to think it through a little, what the death means.


According to the catholic teachings we just live once, we may trust in the resurrection only after our death. According to the eastern religions the man reborns as long as he does not disengages from under the constraint to the material world. Which one is true from among this two? I think that all religion contains false teachings in itself. These can be originated to the fact primarily, that the religious leaders preserve the teachings of the saints founded the religions through written documents and by word of mouth. Ever detailed the teachings are documented, it’s understanding depends in a large measure from the studying person, from his previous knowledge. I refer to that principle here, which says, that the man is able to preceive all new knowledge in the mirror if his previous ideas only, it deforms the new knowledge in a big measure so. This distortion may be very considerable under the millenia, it may happen that the idea is about something totally different thing in the certain topic, like it was born sometime. 

We can rise above such an illusions and doubts only, if we return to the “stove”, and we build up the mortal knowledge from the bases in the knowledge of the laws (casual connections). The basis law sounds so though:Every existing is dependant to God. In the instance of the man this means, that what the man accepts as true one, that he has to follow. From this it also follows, that from the completeness of the life is given “according to his faith” to everybody. So also the true catholic and true buddhas may have truth. The word “true” has a big significance, because in all religions of the world there are very few real believers! It is also easily verifiable based on the law, that those people who deny the life after the death, onto those people the death brings a destruction really. They are those who are not in the book of the Life for sure according to the Bible.
What happens with those people, who do not have a faith neither in christian nor in the eastern religions death theory, moreover they do not even deny the life after the death? The answer is suprising, the rebirth law advertised by the eastern religions applies to them. Well, not because that the buddhist death philosophy would be superior, but who knows the law of the truth, that may recognise it easily, that it is so. All accepted truth has to be fulfilled once. That truth that could not be fulfilled through one life, that involves a rebirth, namely the accepted truth resurrects you. This is the keystone of the eternal circulation of the life. The man rebornes until he is able to resign from all truth belonging to the physical existence, or he is able to fulfilling them.
The death is the passing of the body. The expression of that law, that everything that has been born, has to die once, because the human sense is not able to understand the concept of the infinity and eternity, so his is also not able to believe in it. His daily actions are bounded to finite space and time, so the man’s body is supplied to the passing in every moment. When the man is able to distract his attention from under the finiteness and obtuseness and is able to concentrate onto the infinite and eternity, the new ecosystem being is born, who is one with God consciousnesswise. This is also the sense of that teaching, that Jesus taught to you:”I and the Father we are One”.
Dare to front to the death, dare to talk about it, to express your doubt and your fear regarding this, in order for the world to take all this away from you. Dare to talk about the death of your loved one, and don’t let the pain remember about it, but the grace. Death is the pay of the sin, so sounds the law, God gave grace to those people however, who believe, to let them live through their faith also then, if they died already. Don’t be afraid of the death now, just believe.
I teach you to think! Don’t accept every teaching so that you don’t understand it, because the same teaching is pushing the man into the darkness or is raising him to the heavens. Don’t be afraid of the death because also you have power above it, you don’t have to do anything else, than to believe and to ensure your faith never be ended. I know this is not easy for those people, who are full of the respect of all kind of idols (God sculptures, but it also means, that not understood teachings), but believe me, that there is a method onto the liberation. Don’t be controlled by the acquisition of the idea. It is funny, how people blow the verbs of the different religions, they prove to be faithless however. Watch how dead people mourn their dead people, they are full of knowledge though. Who believes in the resurecction, believes in the eternal life, does not mourn the body. The real knowledge resides in the heart and not in the memory, and this knowledge raises the man, makes him happy, takes away his suffering. Don’t follow masters who do not know the source of the knowledge, they cause your death, even if you do not notice it. If you are not able to decide between true and false knowledge, believe in your Liberator rather and wait for that who has power for the liberation. I hope, you understand what I am teaching to you: there is no death and no life without God. Who believes in the death, is worthy for that also. Who believes in the life, is worthy for that. Let it be according to the faith of everybody. I would like you to understand (again and again), that the faith is not equal to the thought, neither with the spoken word. You get faith only from that person, who also has a faith. Search for people who are true in the faith, you may learn from them  then.