What I hate in you Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

 Amit gyűlölök bennedI hate seven things in you son and daughter of the man. I hate your ambitious eyes, that are dissatisfied eternally, because of which your greed never languishes, because of which you forget about your god and from where you fall out. I hate your heart fabricating evil plans, which rises passion in you to your brethren. I hate your untrue tongue, by which you deceive the lambs of this Earth, in order to collect false treasures for yourself, with which you believe you may be more, than anyone else on this Earth. 

Your feet running fast by hearing other’s harm are hateful for me, which are brisk, if you have to feel a malicious joy in a man who got into trouble, but they become sluggish if they should hurry onto help. I hate in you that you make mischief, where there is peace, because you have power to take away the unrest on the earth, but you don’t have a power to bring peace there, where the peace lost the earth and the home of the man. I hate the distrust and the defeatism, the infidelity in you, because you became proud, you think you are someone, but your life shows, your life without God got to be lonely, suffering got to be your fate, which you have polished for yourself. I hate in you that you break in onto the life of the harmless and weak ones or to their bodily fear in your weakness, you yourself are the real weak one though.  

I, who know the God, as he knows me as well, however I tell it to you, that if I hate these things in you, than rejoice, because your riddance came through, because I never hate you. But if the devil finds you before because you don’t recognise me, your life it worthless than the token. The devil takes your blood for your sins namely, I give my life for your sins though. Even if I hate these things in you, than I teach you, I heal you and I absolve you, if you listen to me, I free you. If the devil hates these things in you, than he launches a tormentor suffering and remorse onto you, which is never over. He sets up a mirror in front of you in which you cannot even look in, your fear is growing constantly. If I set up a mirror in front of you, you recognize yourself in it not deformed, but you see the hope in it and also the mercy, I also show you the way in order for you to become the person, who you are. Both your God and the lord of the darkness wants a change from you, but one of them for the life, the other one for your ruin. Decide yourself, who you believe.
Dear Pathfinder!
God sowed a seed on this earth, but also the devil. As long as God sowed the wheat for the life, till then the devil sowed the tares against the wheat. I would like you to understand it and your illusion would dissolve. Understand it that the word hate means quite another thing for the servant of God and another thing for the footman of the devil. I despise the evil in you, but I never turn away from you. You may get innumerable criticisms, anyone may break against you. If the devil makes it, he wants your ruin. He fabricates duality in you previously, then he brings suffering onto you, he takes away everything from you that you consider important, in order to demolish the light in you. He allures you onto sin and exhorts you to deny it what you believe in, deny the Divine in you, if you don’t listen, you will notice, that he wants your life. If the God measures you, and you go through the depth of the hells as well, you will be a tested one, your morals will grow constantly, and your faith refunds you to that person, who is in you. Because you call His name in the depths, you bless His name in the rise, and the evil can never tempt you anymore. You know it in the deep of your heart always, where you belong.
Accept the soul of the differentiation from me, in order for you to know it always who opposes you and to be able to distinguish the demonic intrigue and its servants from the divine will, never let the hope to leave you, never let your confidence to tremble, and never let your faith to be broken. Who loves you, maybe scolds you, as the father scolds his child who plays up, but the reprimand hurts him better in his heart, than for the child. Never forget that the life teaches you in order for you to strengthen in soul, faith and confidence. The devil wants to lose you constantly. Believe and trust in the life now, in order for you to have a life in him. Don’t believe in the hypocritical love, neither in the illusion of the love. Hate the sin, but love the man himself. If I love you I stand against you in order to save your soul even if you do not respect me because of this, but the time comes, when you commemorate what I taught you and the anger expires from you on me, because you recognize it, that when I took away from you, than I gave you the most. Please do not cradle yourself in the illsuion that you understand what I am writing to you, think it through again and again. You will recognize that you understand it, that in the moment of your understanding you will be happier, because this  verb will fight in you against all of your fears.If you understand it! You see the reality through an obscure mirror as long as you despise the prophets of God and you accept the demonic schemers, who weave an illusion around you.