Prayer-mantra to the God Almighty Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

Ima, mantra

I wrote for the personal wish of Ayurvedika a prayer-mantra for her/for you all. The frequent versification with faith of such a little rhymes gives strength and protection to the man. When you can rhyme it with such a devotion already that it turns into faith in you, than the result won’t fail. Please take it with love! 

The Prayer:
Even if I thirst or I hunger, I am not scared!
Because You take care of me, my God.
I am not afraid if the dream is found at a late night!
You can give relief to me only.
Even if the enemy surrounds, I am not scared!
You are beside me and you fight for me.
If the burden is big and the life hurts, I'm not scared!
You can make it easier, my God!
If a disease baits my body, I am not scared!
You are my doctor, and you heal me.
Even if I walk in the shade of the death, I am not afraid!
You are with me and you save my soul.

The seven mantras of the life:
God satisfies all of my needs!
I accept myself!
I make an effort positively!
I live with myself and with my environment in a harmony!
I am able to express myself!
I take responsibility for myself and for my acts!
God and myself, we are one!
This seven mantra is able to resolve all conflicts instead of all kind of mantras spreading by word of mouth. It is typical for the infidel people, that they use more and more complicated prayers, and more and more detailed mantras. So the prayer and the mantra worths that much in their life. These mantras covers the prayer written down, but only that man is able to discover it who does not leave in the state of the separation (from God).