God servants under a judgement Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   
 Isten szolgák ítélet alattReligious leaders, priests and masters. Their task is to raise and to free the humanity. They call themselves the servants of God, but God prepared bigger judgement to most of them, than for the common people, because the fall of more thousand, more million souls dries on their souls. Sure, they do not know anything about this and they did not change on their false ideas, habits in spite of the fact that they know the prophecies about the priesthood. 
It doesn’t matter to which religion that person belongs who talks about the mysteries of the soul to many people, but teaches human laws, if he forms false ethical order, that not only lifts up the man, but pushes him into thick darkness. The following things can cause the fall of a religious leader apart from the general sins fundamentally: 
·         The false guide
·         If he gives deceptive, false informations from God, from the soul
·        If he appropriates saint things, but in the rendition of those he is not conscientious
·        If he gives up saint things to people, who do not deserve it
·         If he raises illusion 

False guide 

The most conspicouos and at the same time the darkest example of the false guide is the pope election of the Catholic Church. They advertise on the world, that the choice is God’s will, the advertised pope get’s time for it after all, to declare if he accepts the function. If the choice is God’s will, can a religious leader resist this will? Does not cause it his fall if he says no? Of course, the certain priests may show an example of their disbelief. The most obvious example of this is, when they shepherd the believers according to their own interests at the time of choices, however they know the law:don’t have more, only one gage! This means that look at all groups of people, to all men in one way only. This is the basic principle of be without condition.  

The deceit 

I am sitting in the church or I am talking to religious leaders who has Krisna consciousness, with Buddhist monks, they advertise never heard false ideas from the soul, from God (the buddhists from Gods). They talk about love, while their word’s are about affinity, they talk about regrets, while their verb is about the repression, if I ask about a topic, they will be so nervous and harassed, that I know it exactly:they not even resigned, the desire is there in the deep of their heart...they would never dare to admit it however. They talk about truth, but within two sentences they say against to themselves three times. Krisna consciousness people talk about freedom, but the constraint of mendicancy is on them instead of the constraint of the work now. A keen Krisna believer talks about the individual soul to me, about the diversification of the soul so, like he would say the ABC, though just his own founder of the religion advertised the unit of the soul. The Buddhists talk about the fact, that the man himself can also rise, meanwhile they also pray to Buddha and Gods, if they want to get more forward on the road. It is strange to appoint, that Mohamed prophet gave the least information to the humanity about the nature of God, they are the most faithful and authentic believers between all religions however. I don’t want to emphasize it far with this and raise them above the other religions, because many fallacies circulate inside the groves of the Islam, but they will get an award because of their authenticity for sure. I remember in India in the city of Bangalore the ISCON is the citadel of the Krisna believers. The man can go in it’s stairs step by step only, and many church servants controls that the mantras glorifying the names of Krisna and Rama all people sing. By the time I reached up I attuned to the mantra really in  the church, I passed by the altar where it was possible to go along the cordons only. Two church servants cought me after the alter immediately and bought me after the altar, they seated us. The initial hypocritical interest about my affiliation turned immediately to the fact, that they have a good business offer. I should buy an accomodation, in return they provide me a free travel to the similar accomodations which is under their treatment once in a while. I just have to pay the traveling cost of course. When I contradicted this (they have asked a lot of money for the nothing) and I have offered, that I donate a symbolical amount for the church, then they leaded me to an urn, where the verger threw the money into it  not so kind already, then left me there quick...this is the hypocrisy of the “enlightened” man.  

The expropriation of holy things 

There is not a darker thing on the world,  if a religious institution expropriates holy things and if they have to extradite it for the people, they only do it for money or heartless. The time comes when the shame of the religious leaders exposes. Since if a religious leader christens a man, and he tramples the wakes of the sins of his parents in his adulthood even so, that priest was not capable for the baptism then, since his original sin was not cancelled, as the baptism should cancel that. If a priest gives up the extreme unction and the soul does not resurrects on the last day in incorruptible, the priest was not capable to give up the extreme unction. Unfortunately, in many other things the Catholic Church can be dismissed. The baptism, the altar holiness, the marriage and the rest of the holiness got under the expropriation of the church, at the same time with a verb murmured heartless, without the filling of the Holy Spirit all action is hypocrisy. The world’s easiest thing is to say that I have declared you married, if you got divorced, you commited a sin then. Not because this is not true, but because the priest did not bound the marriage with the soul either! That is bounded with a soul, that covenant is untearable. I could count it further on but I don’t want the blood of the priests, but I want truth. I tell it to you in order for you not to resign yourself to the falsity, but be looking for the truth, because where the truth is, there is the God as well. The devil is the lord there, where there is no truth though.  

The undeserved holiness 

If a priest consigns a holiness to a man who does not want it from his full heart and soul, if he does not pledges himself with a full soul for God, it’s like he would strew pearl in front of pigs. The hypocritical man does not appreciate it’s ornament, and the holiness does not even helps him. One of the biggest lie of the world is the following:in order to swear faith in front of a priest, there is a need of the confirmation. In order to be confirmed, there is a need for the baptism. Not that is important if you take the marriage seriously, not that is important whether you want the Holy Spirit from your full heart, moreover it also not important if you want to put down the sin from your full heart. It is enough, if you murmur some groovy text after the priest and you can go immediately...with the illusion that you got to be a man without a sin, that the soul filled you, or that you got a holy marriege. It is more interesting like this, that how can a priest forgive to a man, who does not ask it for or did not deserve the shrift. The priest murmurs the absolving text, the believer gosspips about his enemy filled with hate in the garden of the church in an hour already. Today for some thousand forints anybody can be initiated to the Reiki, to the prana nadi, false gurus give god names to mantra (japa) for people without remorse and commitment. Buddhist monks give Buddhist names to people seething in their soul, shoving them into an illusion hereby that they got to be somebody on the road of the englightenment.  

The raise of the illusion 

The task of a religious leader, master is to dissolve the illusion and not to raise it. Do you think that it is enough if you say Krisna or Jesus and you return to the Eden immediately? No! Not that man gets into the country of the heaven who is saying “Lord”, but who does the truth. All religious leaders will be demanded on the day of the Lord, who rose the illusion, but also all believers, who believed from the lie, that it is a truth. Because the founders of the religions exhorted you to look for the truth and measure all man who come to you in the name of the truth in order not to deceive you and not to accept it as true, what the man says.
If you do so, you don’t consider it a holy thing what it is not holy, you don’t consider that man holy, who is guilty. What’s the use of to go to the church if the soul is not built and what’s the use of the verb if you don’t admit it. If you need the illusion, accept that, but who aspires for God’s country...that man should wake up from his dream and should look for the truth.