The false God picture Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   
 A hamis istenképBeyond the illusion of the knowledge, the false God picture is that senses image, that hinders the man the best on the road of the spiritual growth. The false God picture is so, as if the man would start in the world, but he does not have any idea about it, where he goes, or he would have wrong informations about the place and the direction of his aim, so he already got lost at the first step of his departure. The false God picture increases the dark adhesive power of the tamasz in the man.  

The man attached to the material world with his limited consciousness tries to write down God with human scale always, or his manifestations, and with that  he shapes his God picture  to his own picture, pushes also his own existence between bars, from which he is able to break out hard. Once herds has been taught to the close correct god picture, it’s morality was much higher then now as a result of this. Today not only the belief in God is not a “fashion”, but people considering themselves a believer tell a story about the infidelity so, than their right to the life, and they do not know, that the faith is a very important aspect of the truth, together with this it is also one of God’s typical principle…because of the false God picture a man like this languishes his life in the illusion of the separation-, the knowledge-, and the ego, does not have many hope onto the escape.  

The false God picture

“I get the authority from above” tells a man. I do not understand the sentence, since God lives in him, and surrounds him anywhere he goes, why is it important that he gets something from God from above or from below. We know it since the middle ages, that the Earth is round and it circles around the Sun, before that it was really that in the faith of the people, that God resides in the heaven. Single faith communities are convinced, that God has hand and foot, which conception makes God’s person limited on the one hand, on the other hand – since we know, that the shape is one of the parameter of the earth element – binds the divine existence to the material world. The assumption stems from that plain teaching, that God created the man to his own image. This statement is true. The law teaches it, that all elements of the divine consciousness is mapped in the man. This statement cannot be reversible, since a number of images deforms the human consciousness, which is true for the man only, not to God.
False masters tell a story about their false recognitions pridefully:”I don’t wanted to believe, that God is a penal God, I believe in it that God is the endless love”. The unseeing man kneels down before a master like this, because he thinks, that this is the englightenment already. But a statement like this raises a serious separation feeling instead of the unit. If you get angry at me, - and I state that God resides also in you-, then not God is angry at me? If I do not love myself, then not God does not love me? God is there in everything and in everybody, since this is the law:”everything is One”, or “There is one God only and nothing else is without him”. Neither you, nor me are outside of him! The devils and the angels themselves are not outside of him! The man may decide however, which life he selects for himself. Krishna pursued a war against one king, Jesus expelled the dealers with a whip from the church. They did harm and crimed…Their victims were really not loved by them? The divine roads are inscrutable for the man, because the man understands his decision mechanisms very difficultly. The prophecies about the end are also concern the fact that God destroys the ones rebelling against him. .. is this then not a harm? Sure it is, but understand that it happens in the protection of the life. If God does not liberate the ones believing in him, the result of the rebellion of the infidel people would lead to the extinction of the whole world. On that point, where it is still possible to intervene in the process for the rescue of the believers, God intervenes…ensuring so the survival of the holy stone.
God is just, warm-hearted, clement, God sees everything – enumerate the believers the attributes of God believed by them. Everybody understands it once maybe, that if I choose an attribute from the polarity, it counts as idolatry then, since I want to suppose the existence without an end and free from polarity to one of a corner of a finite existing. God is not good or bad, since he, who is existing from everything independent opposite the man, includes all existing processes, and from among these existence processes accepts the man some of them with pleasure (he considers these good one), or with pain (he considers these bad one). It is impossible to wirte down God on a human language, the most correct is if we accept that all of his aspects are without an end and without a time, since his existence do not expand on the physical world only. The spiritual world does not know bars though. God sees everything of course, but it is because he lives there in everybody. He sees also you through your eyes and through the eyes of all man, with who you get in contact with. God is just also, but not because he punishes the bad ones and rewards the good ones, but because his laws concern equally to all entity:the soldier of the sin is the suffering and the death, who is able to keep his faith and love however, their fate is the rise. Everybody has the same chance to the happiness, the infidel people are exposing to the other one only, if this is mentioned. The happiness is namely not the question of money, not the question of human contacts, but of spiritual talents. It is the question of whether the man is able to submit himself to the wise teachings or rather he follows his selfish interests.  

Divine aspects

One of the aspect of God is the truth (The truth is one of the appearance form of the information.) The man has to follow what he accepts as true one. If you believe in the “green ones” you harm the people sometimes, when you let to close the half of the city, making the car traffic impossible. You break the law of the love at this time, but you cannot do anything, the truth living in you drives you, in order for you to achieve your aim. The God living in you leads you to harm at this time. If you confronted and suffered enough because of your faith, you will realise it anyway, in how large illusion you live and next time you do not set as your aim to beat the chuffing motorists, but maybe the liberation, which is the love himself. You may find calm in this only. The truth with a higher order is called divine will (Dharma), the truths accepted by the person is called faith (Karma).
The other aspect of God the love may manifests itself in and endless form. The love is the state of the consciousness without a constraint, in which a being rises above the power of the attraction and repulsion in the interest of it, not to hurt to another being. You yourself love many people, you do not know it only. Maybe there are 2-3, at who you are angry, but there is six billion, to who you do not harm. You love the natives living in the deep of Africa. You never hear of them yet? This facilitates the love. You never did harm to them with neither with a thought, nor with a word, neither with an act, namely you loved them. You do not desire them and you do not desire for anything from them. You provide the utmost freedom for them, so the God’s love lives in you, you only have to extend it over to the 2-3 people, at who you are angry. You understand it, right? J
The third aspect of God is the peace. That relaxed state, when in the consciousness the fulfilment of two or more truth may happen without the incapacitation of each other. Unrest is the fate of that man who is not able to harmonize his desires, his fears and his faith. When these three aspects “work” against each other, then the peace fades. This presents itself in the shock of the endeavours of group of people in the external world.
The next important aspect of God is the (all)knowledge. The faith system about the life and myself (what I accepted as true one) gives the man bigger and bigger freedom, the false knowledge though ever bigger constraint. This is a process observable in the physical world also, see the knowledge about the wheel developed until the fast traffic devices today, but the correct knowledge is able to breast the veil of the physical world and insures more and more freedom in the spiritual world also.
The power is one of God’s aspect as well. That ability of the consciousness, which is able of the change or of the observance of the consciousness state. As follows it may be constructor (creator) , or may have a destructive effect according to the fact, whether the alteration or it’s observance is the aim. The power creates and tears contacts between the certain entities (angels, people, etc.) and objects (materials, devices), or rather the strength forms these as well. Since a consciousness state occures due to an information always, the power is one of the most important parameter of the truth, which “shepherds” the truth (faith) towards the fulfilment, completion.
The next aspect is the beauty and the harmony. This aspect gathers all that features, which is able to distinguish the different creatures living in God, like for example the shape, the living nature of the creatures and their prime. The harmony expresses the relation of the creatures to each other (it stems from the nature too) also, which essence is that all being is connected to the big circulation of the life.
If you understand what I told, than you also notice it, why is that statement true, that you are also the image of God. The above aspects can be found also in you in smaller-bigger measure.
You are not able to exist without truth either, since you are the person who you consider yourself. You would not have a life without love, since who denies all of the aspects of the existence, that person may not exist, since also himself belongs to the existence, who denies. In who there is no (living)force is ridiculous of an act, it is one of the basic law of the life, that all existing has to act (this law is also true in the spiritual world). Who does not have any kind of knowledge, may not exist likewise, since the knowledge defines the existing level of a creature. Even the elementary particles are able – if nothing else-, that they expound pull or replusion to their environment according to their own nature. This is a knowledge already, if also a slight one. In who there is neither the seed of the peace, may not exist as well, since it is a basic law, that in it’s existence all system aspires for a calm. If this is not able to come true in a being at all, the being as system falls apart to it’s elements, in order for the elements to be able to reach the balance state. There is peace in the guiltiest man around the people, if not at another time, when they have slaked their desires which don’t wanted to end with sin, then until some moments for sure. The fulfilment of all desires brings a peace to the man, as long as he does not have to front with it’s consequences.
The above aspects have projections as well, from which I list some as an example only:the faith is one of the aspect of the truth, the empathy and the mercy is one of the aspect of the  love, the wisdom and the idea is one of  the aspect of the knowledge. 

The correct God picture

If I take the possible aims of the man into consideration, then it is not to hard to define the correct God picture. It can be told from the frames of the existence, that it is without an end and it is everlasting. It can be told from his function, that he is almighty, his laws (spiritual and physical laws, moreover the physical laws are the projections of the spiritual laws) create and reserve the order in the existence, inside this in the physical universe as well. The Divine soul, which is the complex of the above mentioned aspects, is there in all creature, pervades it fully.God is the life himself, all of it’s manifestations and processes. All manifestation and process serves God himself. The man is not able to catch the above infinity, because his consciousness is only attached to the material world, it is more correct after all, than to invest him with the human attributes listed in the article.
Your growth and also your loss is due to God. He gives a life and He takes it away, but the man believing in him, who at least futilely, but knows his roads knows it very well, that God is the God of the living ones and not the dead ones. Of who he takes away the eartly life, gives another one instead:heavenly life for the ones believing in him, infernal life for the ones being scandelized in him, the ones denying him. God gives rain on the lands, the seed spears through him, he brings drouth, he reduces the sources of the water. He revives the winds, but there is calm through him as well. There is not a single process, which would not glorify him. Well respect the law, because you may get to know yourself through the laws, and you may discover and recognise Him also in yourself.
It is better if you believe that everything is possible in God and in that, that through your faith anything can happen with you as well, than to believe in things, which force the existence between walls. Believe in freed beings, who serve God, that you will be freed through them as well, but if you expect your happiness from the position of the planets or from cards, than you got lost. Believe in it, that what you cannot even imagine with your limited mind, God is able to fulfil that any time. Believe in it, that if you ask with faith than it will be given, because this is the law of God, but do not believe in it, that God is warm-hearted, because his aim is not to be warm-hearted, but his aim is the life itself.
If you understand this article, than you also understand that, why gives the horoscope, the card prophecy and other esoteric hocus pocus bars to the man. That man who believes in the bars of the material world, and is looking for it’s laws (see the half of the science continuing the real researches) gets to God sooner or later. However, who is not looking for the truth, but  wants to give a solution to the man along supposed or real laws fells into the sin of the idolatry, since a false science like this is not suitable for the man to get to know the God. Who does not get to know the God though, the fate of that man is suffering, illness and death. Don’t get me wrong, the man has to suffer for the name of God (the conquest of the wrong faiths and fears is suffering as well), but the light looms in it at least, if the man goes along the road. The fear is the lord in that man who lives with the wrong God picture and the end of his suffering can’t be seen.