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Written by Ayurvéda portál   



By the holiness of the baptism - according to church – man’s original sin would be wiped out and he would be able to enter to church where he could receive additional holinesses. According to the eastern religions (buddhism, hinduism) man has to undertake all of the efforts of his own acts, because there is no pardon, only some acts could free him up under the grab of Karma. We is the reality, decide yourself.
Me myself was “born as Christian”. My parents baptized me, as it was appropriate, and also my sisters received from the holiness of baptism. I knew nothing about this as I was a few month old infant, but church does not allow anything for the fortune because they made me repeat the pledge which was pledged by my god-parents in the past instead of me. My parents told me to get confirmed, so I went there dutifully, and there were no children in the queue who were more snuffler than myself, and who were able to shout loudly “I say no to the Devil” or “I live according to the teaching of the church”. I did not understand what does this mean, but the priest told me to act like this and I acted… In exchange for I got rid of the original sin, which is good, but I did not understand this also…
I am not the only one who lived like this on the Earth, but in recognising the darkness of the church I may not have many partners. Few years later, when I recogised what the original sin really is, I also recognised that I am still under it’s pressure, and so does my sisters. Suddenly I found out that as an adult I follow the same problem-solvign strategy as my Dad used before, and my sisters use the same examples they saw from our Mum. I committed lof of dark acts with these examples... all of my life was infected by the fear from unacceptance and fear from self-expression. “But I was freed from the original sin…!!” – shouted my soul desperately.
The law is that a child who was born to this world with a reciever consciousness learns life from his own mother and father. It includes also those incorrect aspects which were not able to solved by the parents: fears, non-knowledge, incorrect ideas, wrong desires. This is the way how the original sin expands from father to son and from mother to daughter since the first human couple. Man's consciousness is able to change only by letting out the old ideas and receiving the new ones, this process is called as learning. A receiver consciousness is also able to change when it has been affected by a creator-strength, this process is known as blessing, which would be really true when the person who gives the blessing is able to do it with real faith. God may also encroach into a baptism like this –independently of the disbelief of the priest-, but believe me, that the procession of Holy Spirit will not remain without impress among participants of the ceremony.
The church dived into the darkness many ways in connection with the aboves. A priest told me that only the church has the right for forgiving the sins. These words are hypocritical and false, because Jesus did not advert the necessity of the forgiving in the mountain speech for the apostles, but at the same time he dispelled the doubt of the apostles concerning the strange exorcist with the phrase: “ who is not against us is with us”. And it is worth not to mention the contact of the early christians with the church formed in Rome. The early Christians were baptizing with Holy Spirit, the current priests do it with ceremony. It is not possible to say even that they baptize with water, because the essence of water-baptism is not pouring off the head (witches and maguses apply this method, but not to baptism), but to help man reaching a kind of consciousness, with moving the body under full water, when the soul is more recipient onto the blessing.
Man can not get around the law with hypocrisy, only the faith of man is able to absolve man from the sins. For the real baptism man needs to have a full devotion from his honest faith towards baptism, and also the person who delivers the baptism needs to have a faith which is able to deliver pardon. The baptism is not a festival, not a sight, not business, but it is an unwritten contract between God's servant and man desiring the spiritual healing, in which man desiring healing declares with his full faith and confidence that he would like to live a life which God likes, and he became strength from the baptism to be able to execute it.
The first Christians baptized adults and blessed children, there were no hypocrisy and illusory hope in them that if they baptise a child his/her life would be without sin. If a child's parents are converted and act according to God during their life, in this case their baptism expands to the children because of the correct examples. The wrong faith that the devil may snatch the child without baptism if he would die, makes me smile. Man without sin would never be the devil’s, because God takes care of him. The child is not responsible for the incorrect actions taken over from his parents until he became adult. God is rightful- this is always omitted in the church’s mentality- does not leave the innocent ones getting lost. There were children before the baptism also, and there were child-deaths too…. thinking that all of them went to the devil is just stupid.
Let’s have a look on yourselves! How many of you have been baptised and how many of you are still wearing the stamp of your parents? Once I made a test with somebody: I asked her to write down her good and bad habits, and after this do the same with her partent’s good and bad habits. The result of this test shocked her, there were no habit (neither good or bad) on her own list which is not coming from her parents. She was baptized so she could expect that the habits judged as bad in herself would be less dominant as they are dominant in her parents. Let’s understand, that it is not possible to baptise with faithless words and with ceremonies based on routine! With baptism you may receive entry to the holinesses of the hypocritical church, but your sin would never be repealed. Man’s sin was redeemed by Jesus, but only those man who believe in him. So original sin can be repealed with faith. This way became the redeemer to a baptiser for man who believes in him with full confidence and also believes in that he redeemed his sins.
The darkness of the eastern religions based on the fact that they advertise half-thruth despite of the warnings of their major masters (Buddha, Krishna, etc) Man has to eat the fruit of his own acts until he discovers the illusion. The literate religious leaders always forget this latter one somehow. When man recognised the illusion, the outcome of his acts became nothing, because the consciousness does not have to follow the lie (and it is not able to follow it), only what he considers as true. Who is able to recognise the illusion is also able to command it: this is the secret of the supernatural miracles of all of the religions and the opportunity of forgiveness is also based here. The consequences of the acts can be also delayed too, but I will write about this later in a closed article who are really looking for God's country.
I tell you these in order to liberate you from the heresy, to debase the devil's illusion in you, and to persuade you to thinking, which will let the light grow in you. It is hard to accept for the ego that he should get rid of those things what he felt as his own, but liberation is waiting for the people who is able to change this way. You do not have to be afraid, the holiness of baptism exists. There are priests who are opener, inside the church also, and there are Christian communities where something happens by the way of the baptism. Avoid people who apply for your money, but there are also exceptions. Being a Christian does not mean to follow the church's dark teaching at all costs, but it means to follow the Christian values, and the teaching of the founder of the Christianity (the redeemer). These two may be really different in some cases.