The 7 heads of the false prophet Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

A hamis próféta 7 feje

There are institutions, which want “good” for you, and to achieve it they stream a lot of information onto you which will convert your life, lock you to a cage, and finally you would not know what is true and what is false. This is the seven head of the ghost of false prophet which abuse humanity.

There are institutions, which want “good” for you, and to achieve it they stream a lot of information onto you which will convert your life, lock you to a cage, and finally you would not know what is true and what is false. This is the seven head of the ghost of false prophet which abuse humanity.

The first head is the false science. Scientists bleeded on the altar of science create false witnesses to false ideas, and also create false lab-results just to receive celebrity and some material benefit. Fake experimental results, exaggerated statistics, cheeky and immoral generalisations characterize these kind of scientists. They generate panic and fear in man just to prove their truth. That’s why unhealthy diet advices and false prohibitions came to light. Do not eat banana because it will cause cancer, do not stay under the sun because it also generates cancer, do not eat salt because your blood-pressure will go up, and you will loose all of your teeth if you wash them with that particular toothpaste. I could list endlessly these false ideas of the false sciences which kill people. They kill, because if you believe these false ideas but you act agains them, your faith could kill.

The second head of the false prophet is the media. It’s fault is not just spreading the ideas of false science uncontrolled amongst people but that impurity news count more important than truth. An unfaithful celeb or a dissembler star receive more attention during the rush of miracle and events than somebody who represents true values. In the fight for attention and reading the distortion of the informations is not rare and people will conclude false ideas. The media draws the ignorant persons' attention to wrong focus, so this way the judgement and moral of the people will be deformed.

The third head is the false piety. Most religious leaders teach laws to people without any understanding. These laws are only humans laws but it does not serve the godlike aspects of man. Because of this most of the people does not understand that I do not kill other people or I do not rob him because it is prohibitied in one of the laws of God, but I do not act like this because I am similar to other people so if I commit a sin I hurt myself. Sin will not make me free and happy, but being unbounded to material things will do. People do not need laws, they need mentality to understand the essence of faith.

The fourth head is the politics. The essence of the politics is the practice of power. It has two goals in the countries with low ethical level and centralized around the money. One is the practice of the power, and the other one is that it urges man to satisfy other people’s needs and also extra-needs beyond his own individual needs. This is called exploitation, but they make it with so soft tools that people are able to act for these cases under the shadow of misrepresentation. The truth is that politics never serves average people, it helps rich people to increase their property. Average people receive some cod, just to let the illusion remain. All election campaigns are about this. A true politician was not born in Hungary lately. Democracy does not exist in the nature, and so does it in the world, there is no real democracy in any of the countires. I do not count it democracy where man can choose between different groups with material goods (behind with serious lobby-interests).

The fifth head is the globalization. The more people are in a group the most way personality looses. Instead of it scheme-people will be ‘developed’ who are replaceabel in all aspects. This brings the necessity of the total control, where the essence is: people are forced to act mechanically and all of their steps are under controll. This incident is written in the book of Apparitions in the Bible. The globalization and the strong control will take away man's freedom from the mistake and for the sin, so man get far and far from liberation, because man can recognise himself with his sins and it will generate a need in him for the liberation. God lets the sin of all men freely, but the Satan wants man's blood for their sins.

The sixth head is esoterism. It is more dangerous from all the previous heads because it gives false faith and illusion to man which will let man believe he found true knowledge. The card-prediction, the future-seing, and the astrology “teach” man, sometimes undirectly, that how can he flound in life without faith and trust. Faith in God gives much more: liberation from suffering in existence, conscious thinking, taking responsibility on our acts, and it teaches how to live in full harmony with God. Believe me, I have a reason to say, that the man who see deads, who prophet from card or adore the stars would inherit the empire of deads.

The seventh head is the false celebs. People, who are weak in faith, moral, truth and also have small living force get above other people. People idolize them, they are curious about all of their steps, and they do not recognise that false tree will crop false fruit. They get surprised when they become ill, but it is the result of their sin; they agree with celeb’s disloyalty, but disloyal person can not reach God, only those who regret it and never act again. They admire their hypocritical affection, indeed they take delight on their false esoteric habits. Man do not understand the law that what is accepted by them it is in them. If they are glad about the sin, they are sinner, if they bless the sinner, they are idolater. Who commit suicide for a celeb would share his fate after its death also, because this is the law. Who adore God in all of his life would get into God’s shelter after his death. Who adored a celeb in his whole life will have the same fate as the celeb: if the celeb will get to hell because of his sins, his admirer can not avoid his fate.

This is the enemy, who deceives man and causes his death (unknowingly). Who believes in  God do not believe in any manifestations of a false prophet, because illusion could lure him to a trap. Who thirsts God  believe in the teachings of the saint books. The seven heads of the false prophet lies even if it shouts truth and love; the authors of the saint books were believers. Decide who you believe. Do not believe the person who says I love you... because who loves you would reprehend you for you to have life, and also he would gave his life for you. The false prophet says he loves you, but runs away cowardly if danger comes.