The challenges and care of Vata type skin Print
Written by Horváth-Kovács Diána   

A Vata típusú bőr kihívásai és ápolásaVata type skin has two dominant elements: ether and air. Ether and air together generates following attributes: light, dry, cold, mobile, anxious. If we look at the changes of the seasons we can say that the indian summer, autumn and late autumn is the period which is dominated by vata. In this period it is recommended for the Vata type of people to take extra care of their skin and drink more.

Because of the air element the skin is dry, thin, has small pores, sensitive and cold touch. It is liable to became wrinkled early. If the vata dosha is in normal balance, the skin shines nice and gently, which will made the skin look attractive and elegant. When the vata dosha is unbalanced the skin is liable to became extra dry and rough.
People with vata type of skin need to face with the following skin-problems: The main problem is the early ageing of the skin, which is due to the dryness generated by the air element combined with the thinness of the skin. In case of dryness the most practical thing is the continuous oiling of the body. For the vata type skin the sesame and almond oils are the most recommended!
If the digestion is not in balance, the skin is liable to became faded and sometimes grey discolouration in the early adulthood also. The vata type of skin is liable to eczema and  fungal skin infection. The mental stress such as fears and continuous anxiety will leave mark on the skin also, which became tired and lifeless.
Because the skin dominated by the air and ether elements is fundamentally dry and less hydrated, the first and most important task is the protection of the skin from dryness (ex: hydration of the skin in windy time, usage of lip balm, regular oiling of the body). During meals it is recommended to consume warm and greasy, oily foods and also sweet, salty and sour flavours, as these are the flavours which balance the vata dosha (sweet flavours in Ayurveda are: meat, carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rices; dairy products such as milk, cream, cheeses etc; Salty flavours are the fundamentally salt-containing foods such as sea fish, algae; Sour flavours are sour juices, orange, lemon, grape-fruit, pineapple, etc) It is recommended to avoid dry foods such as dry biscuits, because these increase the water shortage of the skin, which is already liable to dryness. It is recommended to consume 6-8 glass of warm water during the day (cold water would strengthen the dryness of the skin because of the cold aspect of the air element), and also to consume juicy, sweet fruits. And to: drink, drink, drink! The early lying down (before 22 clock) relaxes the vata type skin. Man should avoid the cleaners which dry the skin (especially tonics containing alcohol), and should oil the skin which would nourish the typical dry skin. Oiling the skin is recommended in the morning or in the evening!