The challenges and care of Kapha type skin Print
Written by Horváth-Kovács Diána   

 A kapha típusú bőr kihívása és ápolásaThe two main components of the kapha type skin is the water and earth-element. The water-element provides it’s oiliness and gloss, the earth-element generates the stability and coldness. Out of the seasons kapha rules the winter, the spring and the early summer. Kapha type of skin is thick, soft, oily and cold touch. The colour of the skin is beautiful white like a china or the Moon, the hair is typically thick, dark, wavy and oily. Kapha type of skin has the most collagene in itself, so unlike to Vata and Pitta type, this skin would show wrinkles latest.


If the skin looses it’s balance it would appear in: extended pores, too oily, greasy skin,  secretion type-eczema, blackheads, pimples and retention of water. Kapha type of skin is liable to fungal infections.

The kapha type of skin is also liable to obstruction, so it requires more regular cleaning than the other skin types. Because of this it is recommended not to use greasy creams which helps the obstruction. One of the most important element in treatment of kapha type of skin in Ayurveda is the chick-pea flour. It is recommended to use it also at home: make some pasta from water and chick-pea flour, put it on your face, and it cleans your skin perfectly. The other effective mask is made of: chopped cucumber, water, turmeric powder and chick-pea, this has the same cleaning and caring effect to your skin. To oil your body it is recommended to use sunflower-oil or corn-seed oil.

Similarly it is recommended to avoid heavy and stodgy foods like: roasted meats, greasy meats, cheeses and desserts.  Instead of them you can have light foods which can be digested easily, and also bitter, acrid and well spiced, hot foods. Olive oil is the best for cooking, and to help with the slow digestion of Kapha type of people it could help if they consume a ginger and lime juice before the meal. It is also recommended to have warm bath often.

The kapha type should beware of constipation (because of the earth-element he is liable to it), and according to his opportunities it is recommended to make some easier exercises to refresh and increase the circulation, so that it helps the skin to be cleaned by the sweating.