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A tűz elem

In Ayurveda the feature of the elements differs from the features defined by the science, the ayurveda extends the features of the single elements and examines it’s nature. As a result of this there are equl doctrines in the science related to the elements, but it’s good if the man attends, not to simplify the ayurvedical principles, because he may gets to the wrong way soon…

The Aagni means in the ayurveda the fire element, hereafter I will just use the “fire” name. The fire – in the same way as a touchable manifestation in the physical world – exists with both physical and spiritual attributes. As I wrote it down earlier, the nature of the elements defines the some kind of relation of the three guna. Let’s examine the fire from the gunas point of view:

The fire has a minimal self-awareness function (in all elements the image of the divine senses reflects back, so the self-awareness can’t be zero), so the szattva, the principle of the light is presented in a very low measure. Due to this the fire is liable to the exist of the presence of the other elements, can’t exist in itself. To the existence of the fire the prensence of the earth and air element is needed, and to it’s control the presence of the water element. The ether element has to be presented in every physical manifestation, since without the ether there is no contact between the certain objects or entities. In the fire the radzsasz (the principle of the mobility) is presented at a medium extent or rather in a smaller measure, since the movement of the fire is limited, or rather if we examine the burn, than it’s intensity strongly depends of the presence of the earth and water elements. From the listed informations it already can be concluded, that in the fire the tamasz is presented at a higher measure than medium, which reason is on the one hand the slight presence of the self-awareness (szattva), on the other hand that the fire element has strong constraints to the other elements.

The spiritual fire

In the spirit the fire element has a converter, transforming function. The fire that is controlled good senses- wise fulfills safe, but useful transformations. So the harmonic appearance of the fire element in the man is expressed in the creativity and in the cooperation skill. The fire element is able to  be controlled by the air element (the too much air element fans up the fire, the too less air is tamping), the water element (too less water makes the burn of the fire free, the too much water tamps), the earth element (because of the too less earth the fire is only a flash in the pan, the too much earth tamps the fire). So the essence of the controlled fire is the balance of fire with the other elements. This – if you think it over – means, that the harmonic fire may not appear completely until the szattva did not shine in the man. From this follows that whatever collaborative and creative is someone, if he has any kind of fear or desire on other areas, that carries in itself the jarring aspects of the fire (destroying, rebellious, etc.). It is because of this that you see in the tv, that someone obliterated his family and the neighbours are telling from him:”but he was such a charitable, peaceful man”. Yes, the fire may become destructive very quickly, if the man does not resolve his desires and his fears.
The fire element in case of the uncontrol is destructive and jarring. So is that man who revolts, an inside fire drives him to do the change what he wanted even with a power, however if the earth element is too much in the man, than such kind of “changing need” will stay in the man, cannot manifest itself and the fire will swallow the man from inside. If too much water element couples to the changing need, always the water wins and the fire will blow out in the man. This will manifest itself as follows:an information always cools the man, what about he resignes about his changing need. The mobility coupled with the freedom need (much air element) is such a fire, like the fire storm, destroys everything that gets to it’s road. A man like this won’t pillow until he brings his rebellion to victroy. This is the nature of the big revolutionists and big generals.
The too much fire shows in the man lust for power, the too little fire shows servility. The limitation of the fire element in the man is the fear from the pain (half element!). This is the attribute of those people who are afraid of the criticism, are afraid that they will be hurted, are afraid of the disappointment, easily they are afraid of the physical and spiritual pain. Because of this to the fire element also the man’s lower emotional attributes can be associated, like the anger, the envy, the malice, the self-pity, etc. From this section you also can find it out why are the pitta body type people so vibrant.
The primal nature of the fire element is the transformation. In the nature and also in the human body the fire transforms the other elements into each other. For example on the earth the moving of the air, the wind is influenced by the local fire (warming) ,the constantly rising temperature transforms the aggregate of the substances, may change their construction. It is important to know, that not only the heat is understood as fire in ayurveda, but all processes which transform. This can be a chemical process, like for example we flush acid onto a material and that resolves it, this is also the fire. Accordingly it is important, that we can abstract from the “fire” apellation. This transformation process appears in the human body in many ways, the digestive process is the fire in the stomach and in the intestine, in the cells the transformative processes of the oxygen and the food, the detoxifying processes of the liver, everything that transforms.

The physical fire

We see from the above listed aspects how the fire works in the soul, it is necessary to know that it works similarly in the body. The fear from the pain (disappointment, anger, malice, etc.) limits the fire element, which is equal to the certain processes of the metabolism in the body. So the fear from the pain decreases the digestive ability, so the processing efficiency of the food taken in to the body. Due to this the substance which hasn’t been demolished subsides as a toxin in the organization. This is the contact between the processes of the sould and body. The uncontrolled fire can cause inflammation in the organization, or in extreme cases it can cause cell damage. That’s why it is necessary, that the suitable mixed nourishment, the suitable breathing capacity, and the suitable amount of liquid input has to be assured and because of this those prophets are false, who urge eg. the vegetarian lifestyle instead of the mixed nourishment. The vegetarian lifestyle is a faith basis approach, in which there is moreover a huge ignorance, since in the final recognition there is no difference between me and my food, so I cannot harm to it and also for myself.
The inhaled air element is of course very important to the metabolism, but you should also understand that the air element means even more than this. If you are not free, you have strong barriers, than this will control the other aspects of the air element, in the organization so called bars will evolve, which will reduce the efficiency of the function of the metabolism and the fire. It is not important if this bar is an energy as they advertise this in esoteric circles, it is enough if one of your muscle cannot stretch or knit suitably, the efficiency of your metabolism decreased right away.  In this case the limit of the traction and stretch of the muscle shows the lack of the air element (but not the lack of the oxygen). The fire becomes uncontrolled because of the input of the too slight liquid, the acceleration of the burn in the organization may cause inflammations, or rather drains the cells and tissues of the body. The body is not able to select, empty the too much liquid, that spoils the efficiency of the digestion and the cell metabolism. The digestive moistures representing the fire are not able to demolish the too much dry food taken in (the earth), so the efficiency of the digestion decreased also.
I meant a separate section in this article for the allergy. False laws punish the healthy people, if they do not eradicate the allergen plants from their court and the lawmkers do not even think about the real reason of the allergy. The reason of all kind of allergy is the fear from the pain, namely the disharmony of the fire element in the organization. Fear from the disappointment, from the criticism, from that someone injures us, that they rule on me, fear from that people block me to reach my aims and I could count the aspects of the fear from the pain further. Instead of the cutting of the innocent plants it would be maybe more useful if everybody would look for the reason in himself.

The appearance forms of the fire

Finally let’s examine the physical appearance forms of the fire, whereof we can recognise the fire in the life. There are many people who think they know it, since they have already seen campfire and gas flame. However the reality is more than this. The first salient attribute of the fire element is really the temperature, but the aspect of the light (the physical light is not equal to the aspect of the szattva brightness) only appears above a certain temperature (inflammation temperature), but this temperature in the body is unthinkable. Let’s think about it:the heat converts the water from hard aggregate to liquid on zero degree. Isn’t it the effect of the fire than? According to ayurveda:yes, since it is about a transforming, converting process. Under the rusting of a piece of iron we observe the transformation of the physical shape of the iron (the iron consumes actually), than isn’t this the effect of the fire element? According to ayurveda the answer is again:”yes”. The fire element has a lot of appearance forms, the heat is one of the most important, because in every transforming process heat is freed (in the chemical reactions, in the physical interactions, etc.). The next distinctiveness of the fire is the corrosive effect, the spicy flavour. Did you already try that if you pour bleach into your hand, that will immediately step into an interaction with your skin and your hand starts getting warm. We have discussed the warmth, I would rather draw your attention to that aspect, that it will immediately start to dissolve, to burn your skin cells. You have to know that at this time you feel the effect of the fire. The spicy taste is thanks to the alkaloids that can be found in the foods, for example in the paprika the capsaicin is presented, that – what a coincidence with the science - enhances the digestion. It is also a coincidence, that the man feels the food spicy because that irritates the pain and heat perceptive nerve endings in the mouth. The sight sensation couples to the fire element, which contains the aspects of the elements preceding it in the creation process (hearing:ether element, touch:air element), but it does not contain the perception aspects that follows him in the creation process (water element:tasting, earth element:smell). Those people struggle with visual problems , who has conflicts related to the fire element:let’s see above, so the saying seems to be correct:” I cannot see from the poison”, or “I cannot see from the anger”, just the wisdom got already lost behind these sayings.
Probably a whole book could be published from the aspects of the fire , but I thought this much now from that to call your attention to it’s most important aspects. I have started with the fire element in the series of aticles about the elements because this element rises from the other ones from a certain aspect. The sphere belonging to the fire element is also called as the gate of the heaven and the hell in the Bible. The satisfactory controlled fire sends the man towards the happiness while the unctrontrolled, unsatisfying fire to the hell. The rebellion or the union of the man opposite God will be obvious through the fire element. The harmonic fire element brings the man through such a changes, that drives him from the ignorance to the all knowledge, brings him from the constraint to the liberation, shepherds him from the ego center to the unity. The jarring fire increases the feeling of the separation, which hurries the biggest fall of the man. The fire element dominating in the humanity is added on the planet. Now you only see from the activity of the volcanos,  the warm of the earth what resides in the man. However you also have to know, that God’s judgemenet is rightful, because the judgement is not for itself. At the end of the days the sun will eat up the evil people, in whom the fire was jarring because of the rebellion against God, but God’s justice reside in  the fact that the destructive fire falls onto the evil people that have been produced by their own senses. The fire of the evil is also nothing else, than the jarring fire of the man. It means burning in the pain, burning in the anger, in the disappointment, in the envy, etc. and never finding relief. If you think about this, many people burns in the fire of the hell already now, but there is still a hope for the riddance.

Don’t be afraid of the pain, because the pain is only the illusion of your senses, it is a signal mechanism, which marks you that your ego has been hurted:the fulfillment of your desires was hindered, the living picture from yourself was hurted in you, etc. If you direct the fire to change the material things, the fire will always be jarring in you, since you will be always hindered in the material world, there is no real liberation here. Direct the fire changing your spiritual-senses aspects, there noone is going to detain you in this, at best you yourself. You also can learn considering silently, meditating, philosophizing and doubting and looking for answers in yourself, not only for money. If you’ll do so, than the fire element will shepherd you towards the heaven and the happiness will also come. The fire of the love is harmonic fire:synergistic, but not destroying (not harming), creative but not passive. Smartarses say that the love is warm. Avoid these people from far, because the love is not warm and also not cold since it is without duality. The fire living in you may be warm, but also with this you didn’t tell many information, since the destroying and synergistic aspects are hot equally. Is there a difference between the warmth of the fire if even your house burned, or you have done a big campfire? There isn’t! One of them is a controlled fire, the other one is not.