The rise of the radzsasz Print
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

A radzsasz felemelkedése: a vonzás törvénye

Radzsasz is the mobility principle of the life that similarly to the other gunas can be find in every existing in smaller-bigger measure. The man can find this principle also in himself as everything that drives the man into action, into change, is one of an appearance form of the radzsasz. Radzsasz increases the single doshas in the organization, at the same time it also leads to loosing their balance, since often the power of the radzsasz doesn’t affect all doshas the same way.

Most of the people will identify the radzsasz with the life incorrectly. They say that who is not able to desire or to follow his desires, that person does not live. If we think into it better than the death is even thanks to the radzsasz.

The manifestations of the radzsasz

The best-known appearance forms of the radzsasz are the will, the desire, the lack, the debt sensation and the instinct. To the understanding of these principles a high commitment is needed from the pathfinders, since the man is able to renounce from these aspects the hardest. The person who is on the road of the liberation and who is looking for God, will sooner or later meet these scope of problems.

The aspects and it’s affections of the radzsasz in the person

Let’s see how the single aspect will affect to the man. One of the most important aspect of the radzsasz is the instinct. Under the evolution it carries the “knowledge” of the human race about life and survival. Gratification of the necessities belong here (getting food, sleeping, etc.) at the same time the race-preserving instincts also belong here. Because of this the radzsasz can be also found in the in the most freed person as long as they are living in a body, since everybody can control the bodily needs (e.g. through the yoga), but irrevocably only the freed spirit is able to resign it. Also in this case not absolutely since the entities who does not exist as a body also need the radzsasz (anyway they would not exist). This expresses the following law:” the person is not only leaving on bread, but with all verb, which is given from God. “
The following aspect of the radzsasz is the desire. Actually this is a lack and until it’s cessation the person does not feel his own reality complete in himself, so he has a strong affinity to those aspects of the life from which he is waiting for the entirety. There is a little difference between the desire and the instinct, but still there are important differences between them. For example the race-preserving instinct will squarely refer to the child procreation, but the sexual desires can disregard from the child procreation and will appear merely as pleasure desires. The desire is of course an illusion, as it’s loam is the not knowledge. Who understands and is able to experience that everyhing is One, that person will see it that the desire is the work of the ego.

 The will is a vey important, sometimes hidden aspect of the radzsasz. The will is the set of the truths which has been accepted by the man but they are still not fulfilled yet in the human senses (in the subconscious). The man can carry these aspects since his childhood, the reason of this is that whenever he accepted the truth, the man lived in duality and it couldn’t be fulfilled promptly or in a short time. So these truth will continuously re-create themselves and the man and will be repeated in the man’s life as long as they will be fulfilled or the man doesn’t give them up (with forgiveness). Think about it how many conflicts in your life will relive again and again. False masters are saying at this time:the life wants to teach you on something. And I say to you that you are standing under your own judgement as long as you do not get to know your former yourself and you cannot forgive your ignorance.

In that person who is asking for a loan or will miss things, possibly will slight someone wantonly, the debt sensation takes shape many times. This is also a manifestation of the radzsasz since it motivates the man to settle his debit (“ Sure I’m telling you:you do not come out from there until you do not pay for the last penny” Mt.5.26). God ordered in the Old Testament for the man’s placation to cancel your neighbours debt if he cannot grant it within a week. Since the blood of the debt dries on the neighbour, but also on you if you feel that somebody is indebted towards you.
The radzsasz has numberless manifestation yet. So for example the secret, at what heavier the burden is, the more you feel the need in order to share it with somebody (“when the outside and inside is the same, than comes the country of the heavens”). Recognise it, all law is for you that has been formulated in the holy books. Additional radzsasz increasing senses images exist yet, but mostly these will come up until a short time in your senses.

The contact of radzsasz and tamasz

The radzsasz is “never walking” alone. When the radzsasz wakes up in the man, the tamasz wakes up together with it. The radzsasz narrows the man attention, his concentration and it excludes out the other aspects of the life from his life. Many writing appeared from the power of the attraction, if you understood my message, avoid far away a master like this and also it’s fruit. The radzsasz brings the same suffering onto you, like the tamasz and it’s fruit is the illness. You don’t see it while you don’t understand it’s function, about which I was writing now. You have light only in the szattva, your rise is in it.  That is nothing else like the truth, the love, the peace and the morals.