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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

The rise of the szattvaThe rise of the szattva (its domination) means the liberation of the person’s senses, the strengthened and balanced state of the doshas, the unit feeling or rather the bodily-spiritual health. Many believers are doing various things in order that it should be kind for God, but most of them do not understand that these actions are mostly for them, just for the rise of the szattva (brightness) in them.

Most of the people are living in thick darkness – even those people who think themselves the children of the brightness – of course there are always exceptions, as also the saints, but measured this against the poplutation of the Earth, this number is evanescent. It is not necessary to perceive the darkness as bad or evil. The nature of the darkness is that it wants to get as it’s having a lack. So if I talk about the darkness, than I drive the attention to those aspects that wants to get:the ego, the desires, the fears. Of course, these can be expressed in many different ways, so I do not list now their manifestation, let’s look at the opportunities of raising the szattva.

The appearance forms of the szattva

The grant
The lowest level actions of the szattva knows almost everybody who dealt with some kind of religion already. The nature of the charity and grant that is arising from heart and solidarity, is similar to the Sun. The light of the Sun is shining equally to a sinner and to a true person. Who is able to continue this activity as a confidence, the gift of the Holyspirit is in that person immediately. However doing charity is not only possible with money. You can grant necessity materials for the indigents (clothes, blanket etc.) The grant of the knowledge is much more a gentle action, if it’s not from sense of duty, but from grace. That teacher who is going into the school reluctantly daily, and is teaching soullessly in order to get his payment, in this person not the szattva is rising, but even contrariwise. On the other hand that person who likes being a teacher and teaches his puplis because of their rise, that person is going to have a big award in the heaven but also on the earth. It’s also true for the real spiritual teachers that they only raise the szattva in themselves, if they do not teach for money, for glory or for attention, but for their pupils raise. The next gentle action is distributing other people’s doubts and fears. Generally this means information passing, but of course it can mean the protection of other people’s corporal soundness. That person who is able to give a hope, a relief for the indigents by heart, is really doing a divine action, as in the final reality there is no insecurity and doubt.
The more exalted senses someone is having, the more exactly he can see the spiritual laws. So the before listed things will have other and other meaning on the different levels of the senses. People only can help to that person who is on the same or lower level of a senses than him. That’s why all person’s task is to study. Here I do not understand the knowledge of the physical world only – although also for a university professor it is important to learn to expand his knowledge – but first of all the spiritual laws. The correctly applied learning does not mean the extension of the knowledge, but according to this the conversion of the person’s life. Who is aspiring correctly to get to know the spirit, will sooner or later understand that the real knowledge is only possible if he excuses the wrong images, desires and denials, so the szattva can rise quickly. To gain the knowledge is not only possible at masters of course but also through an inner self-examination.
Self-control (the discipline of tamasz and the radzsasz)
As I have already mentioned, the acquisition of the knowledge is not sufficient, it is necessary to contrive the new knowledge. When the correct knowledge leaves in the person’s senses without any fear and doubt, than the szattva lights. But to this there is a need for the tools of the self-control, which means the taming of the body, the speech and the thoughts. Onto the time of the self-control the person is always getting into duality with himself, so it is necessary to prepare the senses for the self-control. The forgiveness is an important method of this. Disciplining the body can be diverse. It can mean taking over the control above the essential needs (eating, drinking, breathing, sleeping, etc) and the reproductive instinct and their inducement, but it also can mean the higher-level training of the bodily abilities (power, flexibility, etc.) .
To live in the present
Generally the actions of the szattva are the acts concerning the cooperation with the life. The life brings every day challenges and opportunities in front of us. The person who is striving correctly, can sort out those actions, which serve him or his fellow-being. The szattva is going to rise in that person, who is able to contrive these without any fears and doubts. What does this mean? Bee free in the everyday life. If the life calls you to go out, than let’s go, if you can do it free. If it calls you to help, than go if you can do it free. If you are free, than you are also open, that not you (not your ego) should direct your life, but the life should direct you. If you can achieve this, than the szattva is getting bigger and bigger in you. Of course the person has to finish his divine mission, but besides you decide if you are living in captivity or you let the life to lead you to the entirety.
The glorification of God
Who respects the life, respects God, because of this from the acts of the szattva the glorification of God, the homage cannot fail. This is not equal to the prayer, where you formulate yur desires. The appreciation of God can also occur with thought, word and action. Watch out, do not bow hypocritically and with false devotion, because it drives into the hell.  But praise God so he can take place in your senses at the highest level possible, because as high he is in you, as soon he is going to save you from the suffering. Give gratitude if he made you happy, give gratitude if your faith was measured and you have failed. So you can get to know yourself and you can learn, you can constitute yourself. If you would not need this, you would be miserable than all animals because you cannot realise that from all conflicts, from all needs you can come out that you have learned something from the life, so hereby you were more. If you aspire correctly, this may can take until reaching the happiness. You can praise God with glorifying words (Saint the Lord!) , with glorifying songs, with true victims. Of course the true victim means that you offer to God as a gratutide on what you insist the best (e.g. smoking) . It expresses divine homage also if you stop sometimes and you will wonder on God’s immeasurable richness and force. If you want to express God’s greatness and you want to bow anyway, or you want to kneel, only do it if it comes from your heart so deeply that you have to do it. Than it is kind for God what you are doing.

If you understand what I am writing to you than you will also understand that these acts are not for God, but for you. Who is able to follow this, that person will free himself from the spider web of the affections, excessive desires, fears and denials and as a free men is able to contrive the life supremely. That person who is able to give truthfully is not afraid, who is able to praise God truthfully, that person does not have remorse. Who learns the life will become a more complete knowledge. Please understand it finally that God does not want to rule over you, but wants to free you under the slavery, to which you sentenced yourself.