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Daily wisdom

Your eye sees what he wants to see, your ear hears what he wants to hear. Your intuition and your sense deceives you, because you have a false knowledge. The only one, who tells you truth about the world is the soul in you. The soul is small however, it can’t be seen with an unaided eye, the soul is quiet, can’t be hear well, the soul is not rational. You only can cath his existence, if you are not thinking, if you become small and you become quiet.


Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the pain
You may decide every day, whether the infantile pain and the self-pity should lead you in a conflict, or the major intellectuality searching for result and reconciliation.
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1. Inner travel
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... which I really can test my faith. The desert seemed to be a good solution. Intolerable heat during the day, shivering cold in the night, there is no water, no food, that could bring into temptation, or ...
2. Judge according to body
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
  In plazas, plages I always meet people who look at other people’s body either with unquenchable desire or with deep loathing. It does not matter if this happens because of sexual desire ...
3. Sibling-jealousy
(Contacts/Babák és mamák - English (United Kingdom))
Parents, besides of the joy of waiting for their second baby, often struggle with the changing behaviour of their first-born child. Is the sibling jealousy an expected and normal reaction of the ...
4. Answers
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... for the person who identifies his own faith system with himself, the ego protests against the change ardently at this time. To the alteration of the faith system there is a need for the strength of the ...
5. The air element
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
... air element, such as the heart throbbing, the lung, the stomach system, and the motions of the intestines. Limiting aspect of the air element is the fear from unacceptance. Who has this fear as a dominant ...
6. The marriage
(Contacts/Kapcsolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... does not comes round with his spouse till then. There is no mercy without a remorse and there is no remorse as long as the man does not comes round with his testy in soul.   The divorce paper ...
7. Ayurvedic oral-hygiene
(Ayurvedic lifestyle/Ayurvedic beauty care - English (United Kingdom))
... the three doshas are in the background in these cases.   CARE OF THE TONGUE AND THE THROAT The surface of the tongue gives us information about the process in our intestinal-system. If our tongue ...
8. Baptism...
(Spiritual life/Téveszmék eloszlatása - English (United Kingdom))
...    Let’s have a look on yourselves! How many of you have been baptised and how many of you are still wearing the stamp of your parents? Once I made a test with somebody: I asked her to write ...
9. The fire element
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
... This transformation process appears in the human body in many ways, the digestive process is the fire in the stomach and in the intestine, in the cells the transformative processes of the oxygen and the ...
10. The five elements
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
  The five elements (the earth, the water, the fire, the air and the ether) is not only the basis of ayurveda, but also the basis of other therapeutic science (e.g. chinese remedy) which originates ...
11. Orphan child in the family
(Contacts/Család - English (United Kingdom))
... it. The szattva burns the most in the man, if he does not act for himself, since this time not the dark shackles of the attraction and repulsion clink on his foot. Also from the szattva acts the brightest ...
12. The cross of the Damascus gate
(Interest/Elgondolkodtató - English (United Kingdom))
... always. You do not recognise him because he has a mouth telling whoppers, and spreads many people who does not have the testimony of the ancestor documents. Maybe you act wrong for your own partner or ...
13. Spirit trap
(Spiritual life/Lelki élet - English (United Kingdom))
... tools, so I won’t even have more money, and so on.   The other frequentest trap evolves  in connection with the sexual instinct. Because of this million of people are the prisoners ...
14. The ama, the mala and the senses
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
... of the ama is also not possible with simple solutions. It is necessary to do the cleansing therapy on more areas: In the intestine (the most important cleansing therapy) (panchakarma) In ...
15. The power is in unity!
(Contacts/Kapcsolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... everything, or deals with everything, possibly that everybody wants to lead the community. It becomes an incontestable community from that, that all members can put a value which is correct his own nature ...
16. The rise of the radzsasz
(Ayurveda generally/Ayurveda generally - English (United Kingdom))
... the man to settle his debit (“ Sure I’m telling you:you do not come out from there until you do not pay for the last penny” Mt.5.26). God ordered in the Old Testament for the man’s ...
17. What I hate in you
(Spiritual life/Gondolatok - English (United Kingdom))
... as well, you will be a tested one, your morals will grow constantly, and your faith refunds you to that person, who is in you. Because you call His name in the depths, you bless His name in the rise, and ...
18. The challenges and care of Kapha type skin
(Ayurvedic lifestyle/Ayurvedic beauty care - English (United Kingdom))
... is typically thick, dark, wavy and oily. Kapha type of skin has the most collagene in itself, so unlike to Vata and Pitta type, this skin would show wrinkles latest.   If the skin looses it’s ...
19. Ayurveda and the illnesses
(Ayurvedic health/Ayurvedic health - English (United Kingdom))
... illnesses Eye troubles, burning feeling in the eye The blood-forming organs' sicknesses The inflammations of the stomach lining and the intestinal wall, stomach-and duodenal ulcer, heartburn Liver-and ...
20. Vegetarian nourishment
(Ayurvedic lifestyle/Ayurvédikus táplálkozás - English (United Kingdom))
... one?   The answer is complicated, so I try to give you only principles, rather to commit myself to any of these types.   One of the greatest benefits of eating meat is that it gives energy ...
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Daily caution

There are no translations available.

Ha bálványokban hiszel, sorsod is hasonló lesz. A márvány-, a fa-, és aranyszobrok nem adnak neked életet. Ha szentekhez imádkozol, legfeljebb olyan segítséget kapsz, amilyent életükben tudtak adni. Ha az angyalokat hívod, olyan, mint ha a ház urának megkérdezése nélkül akarnád igénybevenni a szolgáját. Ha bűnös celebekben, bűnös gyógyítókban és bűnös tanítókban gyönyörködsz, részesülsz az ő jutalmukból. Azonban, aki Isten nevét hittel veszi a szájára üdvözül.

Téves mondások

Nekem ez jár...
There are no translations available.

"Nekem ez jár..." - Biztosan tévedsz, az embernek semmi nem jár, minden, amit kap a kegyelemből van. Ha társadalmi törvények meg is ítélnek neked valamit, az Isten, aki által kaphatsz, felette áll ezeknek a törvényeknek. Ha mégis kierőszakolod azt, ami nem jár, ne csodálkozz, ha az élet idővel visszaveszi azt.