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Daily wisdom

I teach you how evil you are previously, I teach it to you afterwards, how you can become a saint. I do this in order for you to be deceived never again by anybody. Who knows the evil and knows what is a saint, knows everything about the life.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the would-be suicide
You may decide whether you escape to the death because of your suffering, and then much bigger suffering waits for you in the hell from the current one, or you take responsibility for your life finally, and even if slowly, but you solve the reason of the pain that resides in you.
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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

Due to the events happened in the recent past we have decided, that for the sake of the christian minded articles that can be found on the, we prepare a new portal. Therefore on the will appear primarily ayurvedical articles, on the christian articles primarily. We preach that in the future as well, that there is only one reality, not though as much as many religions exist. We have decided so in order to be able to send our message also to those christians, who although are not looking for the truth, they are afraid of the sciences not mentioned in the Bible. Who would like to read our articles like this in the future as well, we wait for those people on the portal, which also manages a constantly expanding contect.
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Daily caution

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Haragudj csak rám bátran, a te lángod is a pokol tűzét erősíti. Azonban, ha benned lévő tűzet arra használod, hogy megtisztulj a haragtól, kiírtom belőled a szenvedés gyökerét.

Téves mondások

Úgy érzem, hogy...
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"Úgy érzem, hogy..." - Az helyes, ha figyelembe veszed a megérzéseidet, de azok annyira hitelesek, amennyire a tudásod. Ha nincs teljes tudásod, a megérzéseid sem lehetnek helyesek, hiszen a megérzés az általad elfogadott igazságokra történő emlékezés eredménye. Ez ad hamisságot, minden jósnak, akinek nincs teljes ismerete az Istenről.