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Daily wisdom

Seeing the effort of the man to the truth I help him:if he fails I set him up, if he bewails, I solace him, if he gets weak I strengthen him, if he gets lost I trace him back to the right way. Who only believes with his mouth, but staggers onto the smallest difficulty and runs away abjectly from the challenge of the life, I break him, I burn him and I throw him to the depths of the hell in order for him to understand:I am the Lord. Who believes in me, gets never lost, who denies me, it’s better, if he would not come into existence.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the obtuseness
You may decide every day, whether you follow the bars recognised by the humanity, or you believe in it that in God everything is possible and you knock them down.
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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

Due to the events happened in the recent past we have decided, that for the sake of the christian minded articles that can be found on the, we prepare a new portal. Therefore on the will appear primarily ayurvedical articles, on the christian articles primarily. We preach that in the future as well, that there is only one reality, not though as much as many religions exist. We have decided so in order to be able to send our message also to those christians, who although are not looking for the truth, they are afraid of the sciences not mentioned in the Bible. Who would like to read our articles like this in the future as well, we wait for those people on the portal, which also manages a constantly expanding contect.
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Ha a legnagyobb ismereteid az előző életekről és a karma törvényéről szólnak, mivel azok test szerinti törvények, senkivé lettél Isten országában.

Téves mondások

Én olyan romantikus alkat vagyok...
There are no translations available.

"Én olyan romantikus alkat vagyok..." - minden bizonnyal nem ismered magad. Sem az igazságnak, sem a békének, sem a kegyelemnek, sem a szeretetnek nem természete a romantika. De mindegyik gyönyörködik az élet minden pillanatában és minden teremtményében.