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Daily wisdom

Your eye sees what he wants to see, your ear hears what he wants to hear. Your intuition and your sense deceives you, because you have a false knowledge. The only one, who tells you truth about the world is the soul in you. The soul is small however, it can’t be seen with an unaided eye, the soul is quiet, can’t be hear well, the soul is not rational. You only can cath his existence, if you are not thinking, if you become small and you become quiet.


Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the fear
You may decide every day, whether you listen to your evil adviser, to the fear, who never helped you in anything till now, or you listen to true prophets, who overcame it already, and they teach onto faith and confidence.
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Written by Ayurvéda portál   


testekIn plazas, plages I always meet people who look at other people’s body either with unquenchable desire or with deep loathing. It does not matter if this happens because of sexual desire or because of confusion about nice-looking, darkness will be the lord of these people.


Of course sexual desire is a dark aspect of life, but it is natural, because it is part of the instinctive existence-sustainer program of human being. On the other hand, the repulsive feeling, which is generated only from the capabilities of other people’s bodies, is the result of a judging man’s mishapened mind, is the absence of sympathetic feelings. Man who judge according to body does not know what he is doing, and the darkness he just created will result in a complete separation from God, which will bring illness and death later to him. Every people, including the too tall, the too short, the too thin, the too fat, the too pimpled, the bald and who lives with body deficient are all the manifestations of God. Who looks at any of them with deny (fear, disgust, loathing), denies God itself, even if it was not his will. The fear, disgust and loathing is part of the suffering-aspects of life, becasue till the time man is able to feel them, he has pain in his mind and not the unconditional happiness. Becasue of these kind of man lot ot people feel non-acceptance related to their body, but as you can see not people with „non-perfect” body should be ashamed, but whose soul is „non-perfect”, they should be ashamed. 

During reading the above lines many people will find out that luckily they do not judge accoding to body. The truth is: almost every people judge according to body, even if they do not judge completely according to the above described „model”. As almost every man lives according to body, and not able to abstract from his fears and desires.

The other type of judging according to body is the level how man draws or pushes to another man based on the fact how other man serves his/her ego. Man living with passion describes other people ”good” if they are nice to him, help him to reach his goals and often bless him. On the other hand man living with passion describes other man „bad” if they reminds him to his weeknesses, blocks him in reaching his goals, or hurts his pride or his property. Other man could became his enemy easily, who does not fit into his idea, or who seems to be the blocker of the realization of his expectations. Illusion grows easily in this kind of environment, and man living with passion will be captured by his emotions. He will be in hell when he is disappointed, but also he will be in heaven when he would receive something important.

Who lives according to body wants to receive. If it does not happen the result will be disappointment. Becasue of this: child is pissed of at parents, or parents are pissed of at the child; friendships, marriages, neighbour-relationships and other kind of relationships collapse. Man judging according to body says also: he loves, but the truth is it is not unconditional, because his love lasts till his selfish interest requeires, or till he is able to live with the pain generated by his own fears. Who judge according to body is captured by the material world; and whose consciusness sticks to transiency, his fate will be the passing. So the thin, fat, bald, pimpled and handicapped people would reach the country of God earlier than people who judges them. Man living according to body feels themselfves different, on a higher level, but who glorifies himself in the material world would humble himself in the spiritual world, because his shame would be visible there.

God judges right becasue the law is the same for everyone. He does not differentiate the entities according to body, the entities differentiates themselves and with this differentiation they became separated. Whose goal is to reach God has only one benchmark, and they measure the same way between all the people with different body-capabilities.


Daily caution

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