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Amikor elmondok nektek minden titkot a világon, a valódi titok, akkor is titok marad azoknak, akik nem Istentől származnak, hanem az ördögtől. Mert Isten gyermeke arra használja a tudást, hogy felszabaduljon általa az igazságban és a szeretetben, az ördög követői arra, hogy általa vádoljanak benneteket Isten előtt.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the method
You may decide every day whether you want to recognise newer and newer spiritual method, that since it misses the full truth, often leaves the lurch, or you want to get a true faith, that  leaves the lurch never.
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Written by Horváth-Kovács Diána   

 A Pitta babaWe continue our introduction of ayurvedic baby types with the Pitta baby, just after the Vata baby. The main element of Pitta is the fire which determines the different aspects of the Pitta baby. Let's see what kind of challenges we can face during upbringing a Pitta baby and what we need to focus on during nursing him!

Fire is the main element determining the Pitta baby. Fire is crucial in the organization in terms of the transformative processes. Without it man would not be able to go over from one consciousness state to an other one, or if we check the material world, the substance would not be able to be transformed from one aggregate into another one. Fire represents the energy, we are weak and aimless without it. Fire is necessary to the life, but it’s excessive dominance makes man sensitive. This is the same with the Pitta baby.
How does a Pitta baby looks like? He / she is usually light coloured. His hair is mostly blondish, reddish, blond-brownish, but this does not exclude that our Pitta baby has brownish hair. The colour of his eye is also light: bluish, greenish, greyish. His skin is also light and sensitive to chemical substances. Pitta parents are often obliged to buy neutral washing and nursing implements for their baby, whose skin is sensitive and able to have knockouts, itching. The baby's skin and eye can easily turn to red due to stubbornness, crying and impetuosity. Pitta baby has a sensitive skin, ex: to much sunshine, heat. It could easily get red, get sunburnt, and it brings symptoms as itching, knockouts, red patches together. Ayurveda suggest calming products for it’s skincare, for example coconut, sunflower, corn germ content oils and baby nursing products.
Pitta baby - similarly to Vata baby- is driven by the recognition of the world. Pitta child enjoys challenges. He enjoys and needs the attention and company of his parents and other adults. He has much energy to discover his environment, but we can not call him hyperactive as we do with Vata baby. The largest challenge to his parents is to absorb their baby. We can made him busy with games where he needs to improve his logic, such as puzzle, building blocks, drawing and shaping (ex. playing with plasticine).
The nature of Pitta baby has aptitude for touchiness and stubbornness. His stubbornness can easily increase if he feels that something did not happen according to his expectations. At this time it is hard to calm him and many parents can feel falling into a trap during their child's taming. During upbringing a Pitta baby it is never effective if we do everything according to his will. In the initial period, mainly parents with first children are able to act according to the baby’s will. This has the danger that the baby learns how to rule over his parents, which would be hard to turn back later and to acknowledge the parental authority with him. For parents with Pitta children it is the best, if they try to affect the baby with arguments and to prepare him for potential changes, that the novelties will not affect the baby unexpectedly.
Pitta baby is mistrustful, so his mother need more patience to build up the proper confidence in her baby. With the daily routines and with ayurvedic tools (ex.: baby massage with special oils for Pitta baby) Mum and Dad would be able to get closer to their baby. In the baby's nourishment one of the most important things is the rich fluids, which the baby needs because of the easy desiccation caused by the dominance of the fire in himself.
His sleep is light, he is liable to wake up during the night. The disturbing sounds or the thirst wakes him up. The baby does not have enough sleep with these awakenings during the night, so he can easily turn to hysterical during the day. We should provide a calm sleeping space with pleasant temperature to our Pitta baby, which is not too warm, because the baby does not like heat as the fire element is dominant in him.
In his eating habits the proportionally input of the suitable food-quantity is representative. Pitta baby is not liable to fattening. He is not thin, but also not fat. His digestion is generally good, as his digesting fire excellently works. He may have more doo-doo during the day, due to his mobility, his good digestion and his revved mental state.
Pitta parents should try to nurse their baby to teach him to be able to act alone. Let him be able to play, eat, sleep alone etc. With this they would save themselves from many hysterical evenings, and also the child has to learn that in life not everything happens according to his will. Pitta child has strong creative sense, so it is necessarry to spotlight his creativity during his nursing. Pitta child likes creating new things, playing, building, shaping, drawing, we should let him develop in this. We can relax the baby's nervous system with an evening massage using coconut oil, and we can deduce his extra energies with common exercises, moving, and baby-mummy yoga. Instead of prohibitions let us affect him with arguments, which the baby is able to understand and accept, and with which the parent can achieve the acknowledgement of the child.

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