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Isten országa akkor jön elszámodra, ha a jobb és a bal, a felső és az alsó, a külső és a belső, a nő és a férfi hasonlóvá válik benned.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the love
You may decide in all conflicts whether you harm to someone else in your passion, or with the repression of the passion for yourself, maybe through the forgiving and reconciliation for nobody.
Breast-milk problems Print E-mail
Written by Horváth-Kovács Diána   

 Anyatejes zavarokBreast milk feeding from the moment of the birth supports not only the grow of the child, but also the strenghtening of the baby-mother relationship. Beginner mothers have no experience about this feeding in the beginning, so many times their unneded fears and doubts will cause quality, quantity loss of breast-milk. Dualities evolved from these fears will disturb the balance of the doshas in the body.


According to Ayurveda sadness, anger, red-hot, excessive exertions and the meaningless diets reduce the quantity of the breast milk. Opposite to this: love, happiness, nutrient meals, relaxation, staidness hold the quantity of the breast milk. Beside unpeaceful spiritual life the exaggerated actions (passion, or excessive dining) and unsystematic lifestyle also help to reduce quantity of breast-milk. The consumption of salty, sour, spicy and stale foods also influences unfavorably the production of the breast milk. Due to the fears, distress and passion of the mum, the strengths acting on the body, so-called doshas, will lose from their balance function and will effect the consistence of the breast milk. The disturbance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha efficiencies will cause below specialities to the breast milk:
1. The disturbance of Vata dosha cause bad flavour, rough feeling to the milk. The baby is growing more slowly with it’s consumption and will be much thinner. It makes the milk foaming, which makes the child's sound weak, and generates urine and stool detention (constipation) and causes stomach inflation. Vata dries up the greasy component of the milk, making the baby weak this way (because he would grow and develop from the fat of the milk).
2. The disturbance of Pitta dosha gives an abnormal colour and unpleasant fragrance to the milk. Under abnormal colour Ayurveda means the bluish, yellowish, dark nuances of the milk. This kind of Pitta milk with an unpleasant fragrance will cause extra sweating, thirst, diarrhoea and stable fever to the baby, and will discourage him from the consumption of the milk. Pitta disturbance ruins the flavour of the milk, causing anaemia and jaundice for the baby.
3. The disturbance of Kapha dosha causes greasiness, sliminess and difficulties in digestion. The excessive oily of the milk generates vomit, stomach pain, somnolent, exhaustion, heavy breathing, coughing, extra salivation ans heart diseases.


According to Ayurvada mothers should follow below guidelines to ensure healthy amount and quality breast milk:
1. The grape juice increases the quantity of breast milk, and so does the fresh vegetables, water, cereals, fruits, meats, clear-soup, ghí, garlic, onion, and all kind of food which are liquid, sweet.
2.  Happiness, satisfaction and joy enriches the breast milk.
3.  Stroking the baby during the the breastfeeding will also encourages the milk production due to the touch.
4.  Let the baby allow to suck out the suitable milk quantity from one of the breasts, and mum should transfer him to the next side only after.
5. Among the herbals and spices the sweet fennel, the fenugreek seed and the asparagus help stabilizing the milk quantity. Mother should drink 2-3 cups of sweet fennel tea daily. From the seed of fenugreek (or its powdered form) let us eat daily half a teaspoon mixed with porridge. The asparagus restores the quantity and quality of the breast milk.
Nursing mother should not be worried if her breasts grew and utilized more than before. The original function of the breast is not the maintenance of the sexual affection, but the feeding of the posteriors. Only the man of today's age made it as a sexual symbol, and made the neatness of the breasts as a requirement. Mother should not allow that due to the expectation of the society and man she generates fears in her baby just because she is worrying about the state of her own breast. Mum should only allow to feel the joy and freedom the baby gives her during the breastfeeding and she will notice that these moments spent together with her baby will generate contentment in both of them.

Daily caution

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Óvakodj az írástudók gyümölcsétől. Azt hiszik, hogy bölcsek, pedig nincs rajtuk kívül nyomorultabb ember a földön. Jól teszed, ha elkerülöd őket. Az ige azért van, hogy kételyt oszlasson el benned, hogy megismerd az életet, az írástudó pedig hamis értelmével kételybe sodor, s ezáltal megfoszt a teljességtől.

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