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Ha hittel, de alázattal cselekszel helytelenül, megtévesztett vagy, van ígéreted a megigazulásra. Ha tudod, mi a helyes, mégis másként cselekszel, akkor ostoba vagy, bár sorsod a saját kezedben van, önmagad ítélete alatt állsz. Helytelen hittel, büszkén és alázat nélkül, Isten országában akkor is senki vagy, ha többnek gondolod magad.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the fear
You may decide every day, whether you listen to your evil adviser, to the fear, who never helped you in anything till now, or you listen to true prophets, who overcame it already, and they teach onto faith and confidence.
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Written by Ayurvéda portál   

A méreg The detoxication is such a popular treatment in Hungary today, that it would be maybe worth to clarify what is that poison, since to detoxify is only possible in the aware of that if the man knows what he has to clear out from the body.  I hope that everybody manages to recognise that the unknowing detoxication is may be even more harmful for the man than as much as it is useful. According to Ayurveda the poison means even much more than food industry artificial substances and other chemicals.

According to the Wikipedia “ we may consider all substances as a poison from a biological point of view, which assorted with a living organization causes in it injury, illness or death – usually through chemical reaction or with an other activity with a molecular level-, if from that a proper quantitiy gets into the living being. “

This semi scientific sentence also has an other reading, which is almost similar to the theory of Ayurveda, than to the religious messages.  According to these teachings usually it does not exist a substance like the poison, however all substance may turn into poison as a result of that more quantity tolerated by the body gets into the organization. At the same time it is also necessary to know that the religious teachings also confute this theory, as they state, that there is no poison that hurts for a believer person. How is this possible?
Well, so, that the man does not live only on bread, but with all verbs, which has been given from God. Through the faith the truth appearing in the man is able to protect the man against the poisons, also proven with this, that the man is not a body, since through the faith the body is able to violate the laws working in the body. So it could happen, that the prophets of God did not burn in the fiery furnance or that Pal apostle survived the bite of an angry snake withouth all consequences.
From this it also follows that for the man all poison is produced in the senses.  The poison in the body is only defined, if the man carries poisons in the senses. Such a senses poison is the anger, the envy and several sins. As the sin originates from the man’s unbelief, so also the poison arose because of the unbelief from the darkness, namely from the duality. The effect of the senses poison and the bodily poison is the same, as long as the senses poison destroys the soul, till then the bodily poison the body. This two are the same, none of these exists without the other one. That’s why it is important that without a spiritual cleansing therapy (forgiving, release) also the bodily cleansing does not exist, at best relieving the body from the poison. That person who does not treat his spiritual poisons, he vainly clears out the toxin from his body with different cleansing therapy techniques , it is going to produce itself again soon because of it’s spiritual source.
Let’s see the above theory with the approach of Ayurveda. We know it, that the balance of the body-soul defines the three dosha and the balance of the five forbear elements. If the balance splits, than it leads to the sickness of both the soul and the body or rather in an extreme case it leads to death. On the portal you may find the contexts between the balance of the spiritual state and the doshas. Shortly the principle is that the man’s mobility aspects (desire, will, etc.) increases the elements, so the doshas, or rather through the fears and denials they are limited. The balance deficiency arising from this is the illness.  From the basic principles of Ayurveda it is easily to deduce, that for the man any excess of the elements leads to an illness, so it can be stated, that the poison for every man is in which he produces excess in his spiritual-bodily aspects.
In the focus of Ayurveda the problem means that
  • For a vata type man all food or activity which increases the ether and the air elements which appear anyway as an excess, is poison.
  • For a pitta type man all food or activity which increases the fire element which appears anyway as an excess, is poison.
  • For a kapha type man all food or activity which increases the water or the earth element which appear anyway as an excess, is poison.
The level of tolerance is different for the single body type people, so also against single substances.  From the different poisoning illnesses the best example is the allergy. The different body type people has an allergy for such a substances (mor exactly onto the forbear elements defined by the substances) , which are presented anyway as an excess in their life by their body type. This is the reason that there is only one single healthy nutrition, the mixed nourishment, since this is the only one, which is able to favour the balance of the doshas, so also the obstruction of the development of the poison.

The unwise fasts and unwise cleansing therapies do not reach their real effect, maybe they help to lose weight, or they give a kind of lightness, but the basis of the real cleansing therapy is if I know what is the poison, to be able to do the detoxify more efficiently. To any of the aspects we handle in the life, there is not a red capsule, which would solve the problems stemming from the wrong thinking or the wrong lifestyle. We have circled these topics so many times and so detailed that I hope, once everybody understands it that on the road to the health and to the completeness everybody has to be able to face with himself and has to find the truth in himself. The quick cleansing therapies which can be found on the market are showing the illusion and hereby the work of the evil, only those people are able to break out form this, who are not satisfied with the fast appearance processes, but wants to understand finally what God and his prophets taught to the inhabitants of the Earth.


Daily caution

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Vigyázz! Ne arra hivatkozz, hogy mit mondtak istenek, angyalok, próféták és tanítók, sőt arra sem, amit a könyvekből olvastál.  Arról beszélj, hogy bejártad-e azt az utat, amit ők hirdettek és igaznak találtad-e tanításaikat. Ha így teszel helyet kapsz a nagyok között, és tisztelni fog minden lény ezen a földön, aki Istentől van. Érvelj úgy, hogy a tudásod mögött a tapasztalat adjon erőt, de ne hidd, hogy a tapasztalat, teljes tudást ad.

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Hol van ilyenkor Isten?
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"Hol van ilyenkor Isten? Miért történik az a sok szörnyűség?" - Ostoba ember, aki csak akkor keresi az Istent, ha baj van. Nyomás alatt csökken az ember intelligenciája, így nem ismerheti fel az igazságot: Isten akkor is benned volt. Azonban Isten a helytelen hitű embert megtöri, míg a helyesen hívő embert felemeli. Ilyen az igazság természete. A szörnyűségről is te döntöttél, csak felfuvalkodottságodban nem ismerted fel az alkalmat.