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Daily wisdom

If you don’t have a knowledge about God and your mother tells you do in some way or other my son, then do not defer to do that, you stay also true, if you are wrong. If you have knowledge about God and you know that your mother lures you onto sin, ask from her that who is previously:the God or the parent? Afterwards act so that you remain in God and God also remains in you.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the creation
You may decide every day whether you look to the future with anxiety, and with this slowly, but surely you create that, what you are afraid of, or you wait with hope and confidence that, what you need.
The Prakruti and the personality Print E-mail
Written by Horváth-Kovács Diána   


Prakruti és személyiség

According to the principles of ayurveda the prakruti defines the man’s spiritual and bodily attributes. For the readers of the the ayurvedical body types, the features of the prakrutis were already taking shape definitely, and everybody managed to identify, that which dosha or doshas are represented more dominantly in his organization. The current writing dissects the ayurvedical personalities and is presenting it more thorough.

The prakruti, namely the definition of the ayurvedical build is not only limited to the measuring of the physical, exterior features, but also examines the mental processes taking place in the man. Although the single body types fronts with the same challenges day by day, however use different solving keys to overcome on the challenges.

The personality of the vata prakruti

They are full of fears, they get nervous quickly and they are distracted. These 3 concepts express the best the basis mood of the Vata man. Following attributes are tipical of them:hesitation, insecurity, distrust, unrest, impatience, hesitation and the continuous doubt. Together with this on time they can be very enthusiastic and extremely excited, their expectations are eminent. With these attributes they can cover their thoughts well which are swirling in the depth. They are liable to look negatively and worried onto themselves, thinking here of states to which they assign excessive significance, eg. hipohondria. They start everything with big vehemence, even if we think of work, contacts or sport, then after a time their attention and strength slacks off. It is important for them, that someone always pulls them back to the earth in order for them to face with their real or unreal fears. They are only able to polarize their fears with confidence. It would be worth to switch his sceptic nature to those false images, which embitters his general condition, and to find out whether it has a reality basis from what he fears and is afraid of. Their mobility has to be understood not only physically, but also mentally, because they are able to deal with more things together, so it is possible to count bravely on their flexibility.

The personality of the pitta prakruti

The Pitta man thinks that he knows who he is and what he wants. Any kind of service he resorts, he provides the people everywhere with definite instructions. He analyses himself perfectly and is liable to take over the control. Their nature is critical, is liable onto aggression, onto arguing, queries the facsts which are accepted basically. Since they like the reign and the hierarchy, it is worth to talk with them about easy questions, and to talk objectively. Most of the people gets frightened easily from such a driving personality, although it’s not the best if we confirm him in the feeling of the almightly. As we have already mentioned before, the objective mode is the most effective opposite them, of course if we can control the mixed feelings that a Pitta man brings out from us. The harmonic Pitta results a creative man, who likes the challenges and the search of the new solutions, also in his conflicts he aspires to the solution instead of the unnecessary angers. They have to learn to control their feelings and passions. The best he can do is if he shapes a soothing, pleasant environment, territory around himself, and in his behaviour he tries to strengthen the friendly and kind tone. Not always that emotion is the best what he feels in the first minute, many times it is worth for the Pitta man to think it over what is the intention of the other person. If he understands the aims of other people, and learns to assume the best from everybody, than he is already on the good way!

The personality of the kapha prakruti

The Kapha man is often lethargic and depressed. Basically he brings himself to do changes and acts slowly and hard, in the implementation of his images he does not stand to the occasion. If they are left alone, they become lazy and insensible. They do not need the comfort, however they are looking for that. The nature of the harmonic kapha man is trustful, humble and honest. Attends and loves the long, hard relationships. They are faithful not only to their relation systems but also to their principles. Most of the people who believe in God are from them. The Kapha man has to be taken in continuous move not to let to go himself. Many times the hard words and slaps can dislodge them the most efficiently from the lethargy. It would be good if he would always keep his aims - which are waiting for realisation - before an eye and would remind himself continuously with notes and reminder messages. The motivation is a big help for them!

Mixed praktrutis

The Vata-Pitta man drifts continuously between the fear and the aggression. They always look for someone, onto whom they can flood their pain. Their immune system and their energy level is generally low, they are liable to damp their fears and emotions. The continuous care, the lot of patience, the attention and the discretion is important for them.
The Pitta-Kapha man is full of energy, is stable, dominant, occupant and conservative simultaneously thanks to the elements in him (fire, earth and water). They are healthy and have a strong immune system. Usually they are satisfied, although the flexibility and the stretch are an absent concepts in their dictionary. The search of the act, the activity, the creativity and the new challenges are necessary for them!
The fire, the energie, the constant motivation and the enthusiasm are missing from the Vata-Kapha man. This Prakruti is weak, passive, minor and sensitive. Whatever he states, he really has a confidence in that, although the implementation fails many times. He becomes easily nervous and distracted spiritually. They are excellent chameleons, who appear always in such a colour, in which the people would like to see them. They have to learn to show their real personality and has to put down their fear from the not accepting. Only at this time they can be disengaged and can get out from those dependency relations, into which they allowed themselves falling in. 
Do not forget, that we may be the representative of any kind of Prakruti, by virtue of certain effects (lifestyle, life situations, state of illness, etc.) the effect of the dosha or doshas may change in all of us sometimes, which hasn’t been typical of us before. At this time we can become complete again with the balancing of the other doshas and we can harmonize the energies working in us.

Daily caution

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Ha a szeretet nevében jönnek eléd mindenféle Isteni képességgel és felvilágosult nézetekkel, és elvonják figyelmedet az eredeti igazságról, akkor megtévesztett lettél. A láthatatlan kettőség, amelyet eltakar a látszólagos fényesség megöli és pokolra küldi a lelkedet. Aki Isten akaratát és törvényét néhány jóérzésért, igaznak tűnő tanításért hazuggá teszi, az nem csak az igazságot, de a szeretetet is megsérti. Óvakodjatok tehát azoktól, akik a tudatodat formálják, de "elfelejtenek" emlékeztetni a kötelességedről.

Téves mondások

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Engem Isten küldött... Ne gondold, hogy ez a mondat bármitől is megment téged. Isten teremtette tolvajnak a tolvajt, és ő hatalmazza fel az Antikrisztust is. Célod legyen bármilyen nemesnek tűnő is, üdvözülni csak akkor fogsz, ha Isten lelkedet is megfelelőnek találja hozzá.