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Minél többet gondolkodsz, annál messzebb kerülsz az igazságtól. A gondolkodásra szükség van, amíg rá nem jössz, hogy nincs szükség rá. Az igazság átélése fontosabb.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the love
You may decide in all conflicts whether you harm to someone else in your passion, or with the repression of the passion for yourself, maybe through the forgiving and reconciliation for nobody.
Expectant mother Prakrutis Print E-mail
Written by Horváth-Kovács Diána   

Kismama prakrutik

One of the most beautiful experience in a woman’s life is the period of the baby waiting. It is important to know, that every feeling and reaction of the expectant mother has an affect on the child to be born. The conflict solving strategies of the baby takes shape in this period through his mother, who gives her experiences and approaches to her child already now. The expectant mother has more opportunitie and time to deal with herself, with her body and soul in the course of the 9 months, which fruit may be an establishment of a nice birth experience.


Everything that a mother can do for her physical relaxation this time, will increase her relaxed and calm sensation, for example pregnant massage, foot-baths, relaxing baths, preparation with yoga for the calm birth etc. Based on the ayurvedical body types the behaviours and the occurrent challenges of the different personality expectant mothers may be examined through the pregnancy.

The Vata expectant mother

The Vata expectant mother may be liable to the different pains, - for example backache, groin pain, fits-, concerns and fears, bodyweight lose (mainly in the 1. trimester), exhaustion, insomnia, dyspepsia, swellings, gassing, inflation, varicose vein. The following herbs and vegetable oils are help in the alleviation of the listed symptoms:rosewood oil, camomile, lavender, lemon, sage leaf, ylang-ylang oil. These complaints are remediable effectively with relaxation, with a lot of rest, with a relaxing massage.

The Pitta expectant mother

The challenges of the pitta expectant mother are among others the infections of the bladder, feverish states, increased sensitivity and anger, exhaustion. The childbearing for a Pitta mum is an incalculable course and a procedure that cannot be controlled, which creates the jitter at her. The hemmorhoids and the hair fall is also a general symptom at the Pitta expectant mother. Suggested herb products for them under the time of the pregnancy:lavender and rose oil, camomile, sandalwood oil, geranium and jasmine oil. The Pitta mum should hand herself to the joyful period of the baby waiting, let her devote time to the relaxation, onto the restful expectant mother massage, taking fondness baths, let her make smaller walks on near-natural places.

The Kapha expectant mother

The Kapha expectant mother has a good chance onto a considerable weight growth, which she can coordinate with it, that she abstains from the unnecessary food input, and eats only when she got really hungry. Let her to intend time and energy for the competent move beside the attention to the nourishment, as long as she can do it and feels good. Beside the fattening the oedema, the limbs getting wet means a serious challenge as well, which may cause frequent tiredness jointly. The best herb products for her are:geranium, lavender oil, orange, jasmine and rose oil.

Any of the ayurvedical body type you possess dear expectant mother, if you did not have a chance so far or you were not enough intent, let’s change on your habits, on your bars under your pregnancy, keeping the aim before your eye that you should bring up a healthy, steady and happy child. Know that through the undertaking such a new opportunity opens for you, with which you may learn the art of the resignation and the taking responsibility and you may develop in your female existence. Hereby you don’t make only your family happy, but you can tell that you have already added something to the world’s happier future!


Daily caution

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Vigyázz! Ne arra hivatkozz, hogy mit mondtak istenek, angyalok, próféták és tanítók, sőt arra sem, amit a könyvekből olvastál.  Arról beszélj, hogy bejártad-e azt az utat, amit ők hirdettek és igaznak találtad-e tanításaikat. Ha így teszel helyet kapsz a nagyok között, és tisztelni fog minden lény ezen a földön, aki Istentől van. Érvelj úgy, hogy a tudásod mögött a tapasztalat adjon erőt, de ne hidd, hogy a tapasztalat, teljes tudást ad.

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Engem Isten küldött... Ne gondold, hogy ez a mondat bármitől is megment téged. Isten teremtette tolvajnak a tolvajt, és ő hatalmazza fel az Antikrisztust is. Célod legyen bármilyen nemesnek tűnő is, üdvözülni csak akkor fogsz, ha Isten lelkedet is megfelelőnek találja hozzá.