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Az ostobák, ember által tanított ismeretekben keresik az igazságot, az okosok Isten igéjében és ígéreteiben.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the recovery
You may decide every day whether you are going to recover from your illness, and your faith fulfills your topmost will, or you fly from method onto a method doubtfully, and the chance onto the success is ever smaller because of your unbelief.
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Written by Horváth-Kovács Diána   

 BabaálomThe aim of this article is to help families to understand the sleeping habits of their babies and with it’s correct interpretation help the baby to have deep, balanced night sleep.

Sleeping is an important part of the day. This period is the time of calm and dissolving body and spiritual stress, when the baby, similar to adults, turns off his/her conscious functions and fulls up with energy, which is necessary for the coming day.

Babies are different in their personalities also, and every baby has unique sleeping habits.
Vata baby is hyperactive and very stirrer baby, so parents need serious energy and time to get their baby fallen asleep. Baby wakes up many times during the night, without any evident reason. On exhausting days Vata baby is able to fall asleep very fast and nothing is able to wake him up at this time. Basically Vata baby is an unbalanced sleeper, who awakes up to the smallest rustle or street noise, because of his very active mind, which does not stop even during the night. Because of this after the morning awakening the baby is tired and fussy.
What can parents do? For Vata baby it is important to have rituals being repeated continuously and consistently like: bedtime stories in the evening, listening to relaxing music, ‘baby and mum’ yoga practice together, baby massage with relaxing oils (ex. sesame, hazel-nut), warm bathing and the evening nursing. From above activities it is visible that for a Vata type of baby the most important is to calm the baby, to mitigate his mobility and prepare him for having a rest. It is also effective to tire him with extra exercises, practicing yoga etc.
Pitta baby is capricious and unpredictable as a person, and the same is valid for his sleeping habits. Pitta baby usually wakes with a start and cries during the night. He cries, because he is not able to relax after the several awakenings, and this incenses him. The depth of their sleep is just light, the baby gives whiny sounds during sleep.
What can parents do? It is worth to provide comfortable bed and circumstances for a Pitta baby, and to exclude the disturbing factors (light, sound) as much as possible. The baby is liable to became angry to the unpleasant circumstances. Make sure it is not too warm in the baby's room because the Pitta, the fire, is already dominant in the baby, and he can react unpleasantly to even more heat. It would also help if parents help in outleting the baby’s extra energy with extra exercises such as: gymnastics, common yoga, baby massage with cooling oils (ex: coco, sunflower). Let the baby get enough to drink before falling asleep.
Kapha baby is calm and balanced, and it is also visible on his sleep quality. Their sleep is generally deep, calm, stable, the night awakenings are not typical to them. If it happens, the baby has a good reason for it. Mum has the chance to have rest beside a Kapha baby to recover herself, and as the Kapha baby does not eat much due to his character, it is not worth to wake him up for nursing. If the baby is hungry he will wake up for sure and will ask for the milk. On the other hand: because he is a good sleeper, it is worth to wake him up in time and activate, counterbalancing his laziness.
Beside the rites which can be done during the eveing it is important to mention that the baby, who lives in a harmonic family, whose parents, and mostly his mother, are balanced, he will be similar to this calm, peaceful environment. This will define not only his everyday life, but the completeness of his sleep also. So do not forget, that the baby feels not only with his ears and eyes, but with his developed intuition skills he would be able to feel the hidden, unsaid conflicts also. So dear parents let’s try to keep your own peace always and under all circumstances, to be able to bring up healthy children in mind, body and soul!

Daily caution

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Ne vesd malacok elé az igazgyöngyöket. Vitatkozhatsz, ha nem értesz velem egyet, abból legfeljebb mindketten tanulunk. Odébbállhatsz ha nincs módod vitatkozni. Azonban soha ne tagadd azt, amit mondok, mielött meg nem értenéd annak tartalmát, hisz, ha igazat beszélek, nyomorultabb vagy minden embernél, mert szembeszálltál Isten igéjével. Ez akkor is így van, ha előtte megloptalak, vagy korábban hazudtam neked.

Téves mondások

Szeretlek, de...
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"Szeretlek, de..." - A szeretetben nincs "de", mert alaptermészete a feltételnélküliség. Ugyanakkor csak akkor mondható el, hogy nem szeretsz valakit, vagy valamit, ha ártsz neki, akadályozod ő a saját szabadságában. A szeretetben nem kell egyetértened a másikkal!