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Egy Isten van, és nincsen kívüle más. Boldog az az ember, aki törekszik, hogy megértse és átélje ezt az igazságot, amely egyben az egyetlen is az önvalóság tengerén.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the responsibility
You may hide every day what you have done and the inner suffering leads through your whole life, or you acknowledge it who you are and your suffering decreases onto the time of the redemption.
The ama, the mala and the senses Print E-mail
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

CellulitisThe same bodily-spiritual effects are having the people who has szattva in their senses, as all other people, however they are able to handle these effects consciously and make themselves independent from it’s effects. On a senses level this depends on the ability onto the forgiving. According to the ayurveda this release, the “mala”, comes into existence in the form of the end products of the body (stool, urine, sweat) , in which the body gets rid of all substances that is not able to utilize for the life.

In the ayurveda the treatment of the bodily toxins plays a central role in both the health conservation and in the curing. In the far-gone state of the more serious illnessess the healer process can’t be imagined without detoxication.

What is the ama (bodily poison)?

In the case of the people who does not have szattva in their senses the absurdity of the forgiving will pile up so-called spiritual poisons, which spiritual fruit is the pain, the fear.  On a bodily level the release problems of the senses lead to the release problems of the body, so the body will keep back the substances which haven’t been processed and bodily poison, the so called “ama” will accumulate in the organization. Furthermore the reasons of the “ama” accumulation can be the unnecessary accumulation of the food, the long time retention of the urine and stool, the consumption of the little amount of water or the insomnia. Than “ama” prevents the function of certain organs, in extreme cases it can lead to the degeneation of the cells, than to their destruction.

The effects of the ama

The bodily poisons, the so called “amas” are with an effect to the old streaming elements in the body, or rather to the function of the doshas. So it is visible that the effect of a senses element appears together in the senses, energetics and in the bodily systems, so it expounds it’s obstructive activity cumulative. This is the reason why ayurveda begins all curing with a cleansing therapy, since this substantiates the basic terms of the recovery.
It is hard to catch the nature of the “ama”, since the poison is not only what people declared as a poison scientifically, but all substances, which are accomulated free in the organization or to which associates a senses denial (fear). From this it can be seen, that “ama” can be also from that food that the men takes with a strong affection, since it’s accumulation also leads to harmful processes. Certain sort of the “ama” blocks, others catalyzes and again others simply deposites (e.g. calcification).
The law of the effect-reaction is of course valid also in this case. If for example a strong affection belonging to a food causes accumulation in the organization, than the senses area that is dominant in the organization gets injured as well. Among others that is why all drug and alcohol dependent will be sooner or later aggressive, since the drug and the alcohol poisons the liver, which is just the organ of the forgiveness.


Numberless sign can indicate to the presence of the “ama” in the body. I wrote about this in detail in the “Ayurvedical diagnostics” writing , or rather in the article about the cleansing therapy.
On a spiritual level dissolving the bondings of the “ama” is happening with forgiveness or rather giving up the harmful lifestyle can also reduce the “ama”. As there is no so called red pill for other illnesses, so the bodily evacuation of the ama is also not possible with simple solutions. It is necessary to do the cleansing therapy on more areas:
  • In the intestine (the most important cleansing therapy) (panchakarma)
  • In the stomach (the most important cleansing therapy) (panchakarma)
  • In the inner organs (liver, kidney, honeycomb, etc.)
  • In the musculature
  • In the blood
  • In the joints
  • In the nervous system

With the evacuation of the “ama” the spirit and the body will bee freed again, the restoration of the health can happen quickly. Understand that all spiritual processes have a bodily projection. There are no bars, the healthy lifestyle only asks you to be able to live your life without duality. Your freedom begins with learning and not with the contravention of your own laws.


Daily caution

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Tévedsz, ha azt gondolod, hogy ártani, csak a tetteiddel tudsz egy másik embernek. A csont összeforr, a seb begyógyul, a szó feledésbe merül, azonban a benned lévő ítélet, amelyet nem bocsátottál meg, mindkettőtök lelkét mérgezi. Más ember ártását kivédeni, csak helyes hittel lehetséges. Ha nincs helyes hited, akkor legalább legyél méltó a megbocsátásra!

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