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Ha azt mondod nem lehetséges vagy nehéz, a saját fénytelenségedről árulsz el titkokat. Ha pedig abban hiszel, hogy minden lehetséges és könnyű, akkor Isten dicsőségét hirdeted.

Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the method
You may decide every day whether you want to recognise newer and newer spiritual method, that since it misses the full truth, often leaves the lurch, or you want to get a true faith, that  leaves the lurch never.
Ayurveda and the illnesses Print E-mail
Written by Ayurvéda portál   
Ayurvéda és a betegségekMany people are looking for the reason of the illnesses, and for the opportunities how to recover. But only few of them are looking for God in the reason of illnesses and in the healing. I try to summarize what Ayurveda says about this, and I would complement the ayurvedic principles with my own faith and experiences.
The opinions differ in it, that an illness has a spiritual reason. There are people who absolutely agree with it, there are people who absolutely deny it, and there are people who accept that some of the illnesses routed in the soul, but there are ones which are not. What do I think about this? I believe that body and consciousness are inseparable, so every function of man is routed in the soul, and the illnesses are no exceptions either.
I already wrote about one of the aspects of health and illness here at With nourishment man can make himself ill in two ways: the first is if he denies what he eats (ex.: if he eats any kind of food he does not like or he thinks it is unealthy for any kind of reason). In this case man eats sin, and it only depends on time when it makes him ill. The second case is when man likes much some kind of flavours and certain foods. In this case that kind of dosha will be increased in the body and mind, and the unbalance of doshas leads to illness. These scenarios of illnesses are linked to food, so man can easily think that this is the process of how illness will be formed from material origin. This is an illusion, because I already told that this state is generated by the denial or affection to the food, which are absolutely aspects of the consciousness and soul. The treatment of these kind of illnesses can be an ayurvedic cleansing therapy, dosha-fast, and later a correct nourishment. I would like to add to this here that the general detoxifying procedures are rarely suitable, and here rarely means that if we choose any of the detoxifying procedure it would be fine only for some type of illnesses and it will not heal the other types. Ancient Ayurveda gives the correct method for the suitable cleansing therapy.
I also mentioned the other aspect of health and illness here on the portal. Our thoughts, our spiritual life may also amend the balance of the doshas. Just for the record I list some aspects here as an example. Fear from the material world (financial distress) and disloyalty shows the low operation of Kapha, while the desire after richness and the overheated sexual desire points to the excessive operation of Kapha. Man's stoicism, apathy, and fear from the change shows the low operation of Pitta, while excessive Pitta describes the rebelling nature of man, and his excessive endeavour to a continuous change (nothing is good as it is). Fear from unacceptance, continuous will to fit for everybody, the fear from self-expression and the continuous lying shows the low operation of Vata, considering other people’s opinion and the force to speak without any control (ex: gossip) requiress an excessive operation of Vata. It is visible for these kind of illnesses that they rooted in the soul, and with healing the reason in the consciousness of the illnesses are curable.
The above two aspects of illnesses has a common thing: both influence the balance of the doshas indirectly. Below table shows what excessive dosha operation can cause what illnesses. The table contains examples only, there is no opportunity here to list all the options because of the space limit.

Dominant Dosha: Vata dosha    

Dosha illnesses

All kinds of pain
Neuralgia, nervous twitching
Heart arrythmias
High or low blood pressure
Locomotor diseases, ex. arthritis
Chronic feeling of cold
Disturbances of the nervous system, ex. sclerosis multiplex, paralyses
Psychic disturbances, ex. anxiety, depression
The dryness of the leather, the mucosae and other fabrics
Gallstone or nephrolith
Inflation and constipation

Dominant Dosha: Pitta dosha    

Dosha illnesses

Eye troubles, burning feeling in the eye
The blood-forming organs' sicknesses
The inflammations of the stomach lining and the intestinal wall, stomach-and duodenal ulcer, heartburn
Liver-and spleen illnesses
Cutaneous diseases, ex. psoriasis, akne, eczema
Grey hair, hair loss
Excessive sweating
The redding of the face
Inflammatory and feverish sicknesses

Dominant Dosha: Kapha dosha    

Dosha illnesses

Hampered respiration
High blood pressure
Sinus problems or bronchitis
Rheum-sicknesses of chest, throat and head
High cholesterol level
Swelled joints
Kidney diseases
Lethargy, depression
In the third aspect of health and illness God can be observed directly. To understand this I would like to write down a fable, which proves that man’s largest enemy is himself, I hope it would help everybody to understand this.  
A more than 60 year old women were sitting opposite to me. A single A/4 paper is fully written with her illnesses. Diabetes is one of them. I asked her to remember when she had a conflict with the sugar or with sweets. She did not remember... I was sure about that she denies sweets or sugar, but it is important to find out what exactly. If somebody does not consider sugar healthy but eats all kind of sweets, it is enough to became diabetic, but in this particular case I felt it is different, at leats the situation when the conflict arose. But the old women did not want to remember. To help her I started telling her about what kind of wisdoms the Bible tells about this (she was catholic). At one of the wisdoms the air got frozen in the room. I just quoted “not to make promises, neither onto God, nor on your own head...” The lady started to remember, and started to speak…... She was around 6 when she received a couple of pence from somebody to buy some sugar for herself.  She ran happily to the shop, but it was closed during lunchtime. Because the owner was a kind of relative, she walked in at the back-door, and bought what she desired. Unfortunately a gendarme noticed it. The gendarme dragged the owner of the shop because it was prohibited to sell during lunchtime, and the small girl made the following promise because of her fears: “ I do not want to eat sugar any more”. Time passed, the promise became forgotten, and the small girl ate sugar… but her subconscious still remembered to her promise! Because she was unfaithful to her promise, her consciousness started to enforce it. After this memory became clear again, the aged woman started to remember how many times the sugar-box was fallen out of her hands, but she did not understand the warning, so her body had no more chance, and forced the promise in the shape of an illness...
Let everybody decide if God punishes or not, but in this case the girl was the victim of her own accepted truth, and truth is one of the aspects of God. It is sure, that when the old lady realised what kind of stupidity restrained her, she was able to forgive, and her level of sugar decreased from 11,5 to 6,5 within one day, and this level is the healthy limit, and it normalized during the following few days.
My final conclusion is that every illness is rooted in the soul directly or indirectly, but it is also a fact, that nourishment and other material habits (ex: smoking) can also help. According to ayurveda the conflicts residing in the consciousness determines the place of the illness, and the dominant dosha will generate the type of the illness. One typical example if somebody has fear from unacceptance, it certanly hides a chest problem (ex.: lung). If the person has excess of Pitta at this time, then the designate organ's inflammatory disease can happen, but excess of Kapha can cause shortnesses of breath, asthma.
Man may not lie to the world and himself eternally. He has to recognise that his weaknesses and sins are obvious and he can not hide them. If he is able to face himself, he can get rid of those illusions which cause his suffering and illnesses, and he can reach the desired happiness only at this time. Many people mention that the health is man's most important value, but only few of them know that health is the reflection of soul, called: completeness. It’s main road signs are love, peace, truth and morals. If humanity recongises this wisdom, they will remember to the seal of rainbow, which was stamped to the contract between man and God once.

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