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Napi dilemma

The dilemma of the correspondence
You may decide every day, whether you want to suit to the whole world, and during this you rather assume it, that you lose yourself, or you just want to suit to the calling of the inner happiness, so the half of the world will hate you, but you will live.
The spirit of the differentation Print E-mail
Written by Ayurvéda portál   

If you would like to follow the way of the spirit, the spirit of the differentation has be be with you which helps you to know what is the illusion and what is the reality, what is according to the spirit and according to the body, what is right and what is wrong. There you are, I give you the spirit of the differentation that never noone can deceive you.


The spirit is one and aims for the unity, onto peace and relief, the body onto needs and affection, and if somebody detains you in the access of the object of the affection, than denial and fear overcomes on the body. The anger, the aggression and other painful senses states are the children of the fear.

The duality, the fear poisons your spirit and your body, it is beneficial for you if you beat it as soon as possible, as until you live in duality, you revolt against God and against your own nature.
Love because that makes you happy but know it that neither the affection nor the concern is equal to the love. You love God’s creature the best if you ensure him the biggest degree of freedom, even if you draw to him. Do not stick to anything, neither living, nor lifeless creatures, as so you can be truth in yourself, so you reach the award, God’s promise. There is no denial in the love!
That person does not love who the God dos not know it how many times says that I love you. That person loves, who does not boast with it but gives his life for you if it’s needed, so you should have weal. Take care, do not think on the suicides, but for the ones making sacrifices.
Not that person loves you, who approves the best your guilty actions, but that person who does not approve it but understands you and does everything for you in order to be able to fogive yourself. Not that man loves who swallows his anger in order to harm to you but that person who is able to stay independent from your sins.
The solution of the conflict is not equal to the oblivion, or rather with that if you turn away from the conflict because of the pain. You are going on God’s road if you face with your conflicts, you understand them, you learn from them and you change to the correct direction through them, if the knowledge that you secured liberates you. The anger, the envy, the fury, the gall never solved any of your conflicts.
The forgiving is also not equal to the oblivion, moreover not with that if you rapes yourself and you approach to the object of your anger like this, but the fear is in your heart. The forgiving is that process in which you regain the love without assumption.
The faith is not equal to the hope and to the desire, neither with the emotion, and in the faith there is no doubt. The faith is a confidence which creates himself by his cleanness. It doesn’t matter what and how big power you feel if you doubt in that what you would like to believe in , than that remains only an affinity. If it hurts, if you are crying, if you suffer and you doubt, than you do not believe.
Not that man is believer who is doing every religious ceremonies regularly, but that person who is able to make every sacrifices for his faith.
Not that person changes who says that he has changed and acts otherwise, but his heart is bleeding. That person changes who has a holy confidence and trust in the change.
The truth is not equal to your will, if you want truth against the nature or against the will of God, than you will be disappointed, because at best your rebellion against God becomes clear.
The spirit of the truth is not at the man who does everything in order to prove his truth, who communicates louder or who bring numberless witness in order to lift up his voice, but that person has truth who does not stagger alone even if the whole world is against him, because the truth will be proven by the faith and the lie will be proven by the fear.
The decision is not equal to that, if from a fear you acquiesce to an extorted solution and is also not equal to that, if from an affection you choose the object of your affection from the elective opportunities. The decision is free deliberation of the elective possibilities, in which you choose from those alternatives, which support your aims the best.
That is your correct manifestation, which supports the achievement of your aim and does not hinder the fulfilment of your other aims.
The peace is not in that man who does not attack, but in that person who is able to contemplate you against your sins without duality. The peace is a relaxed state, without any stress, not only in the personal contacts but also in myself.
Not that man has knowledge who is able to write down the subject of more books or who is able to talk hours long from one thing, but that person in who the knowledge struck a root, whom life would have been changed and freed by the knowledge. Who talks only with his words about places where had had never been before, that person got into the captivity of the illusion and the day-dream.
Not that person is wise, who knows the divine laws even if he is waked up from his dreams, but that person who knows when he has to use the knowledge and when not.
Not that is the beautiful, to which you feel drawn or what you would hold with pleasure, but that if a person examines something thoughtfully, sees the perfectness in it even if it does not attract him at the first sight.
Not that is the curative strength, which you try, but that in what you can believe blindly. In what you believe will heal you even if it does not heal anybody else.
Not that is the harmony in a contact, if two people take each other’s hand also after two years, or they are able to hide to each other, but that if completing and accepting each other’s knowledge they are able to take the best decisions in the life and learn from it. So it will be that you will be like me and I will be like you because what we learned from each other, will be equalized. And whenever we will get old because of our one faith also our body will assimilate to each other.  
Not the human painful crying is the value of the life, but the man’s self-sacrifice for the life. Who is able to call of his life in order for an other person’s life, that will gain it, what the largest ones get from God:will be freed from the captivity of the death.
Not the rigid affection to the laws is that what raises, but if you understand the aim and the reason of the law. It is a stupid law adoration if you act soullessly according to the law. If you do not understand the reason and aim of the law, than you can get nearer to the God almighty with your confidence putted into God, at this time following the law unknowingly suits as a victim for God.
The freedom is not equal to the free will. Freely you want whatever you want but you do not have a free act in everything, moreover you are not aware of what you could want to have freely, since you are the prisoner of your own limited senses. 
The happiness is not equal to that if some of your important desires came true, but you are in the happiness if you do not have any kind of doubt from your existence, neither a fear, even not a desire, since the desire is a momentary lack, whatever it’s object is. The satisfied entity, who is happy in itself, does not need any other entity, any other object to the existence and to the satisfaction, God’s love without any terms will manifest through him.
The evil teaches you onto the duality, the brightness teaches you to the unit. The evil shows you how you can find a mistake in the brightness, the brightness shows you how you can find perfectness in the darkness.

I teach you in this article that you should be able to distinguish what is the divine reality and what is that what is an illusion, delusion, in order for you to be freed from the blindness and to see clearly. I teach you that you should not believe that looks holy but it’s not that and for that, that recognise the brightness if it is not obvious. To break down the devil’s illusion in you I may give you one more advice:before you judge hastily and you would consider false that is divine and true that is false, search for the truth and through his fruit you will see the reality. Because the lie brings false fruit, richness, power and other bodily things, but the divine values will free you and will make you happy.


Daily caution

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Lehet, jobban hiszek ...
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"Én nem járok templomba, de lehet jobban hiszek, mint aki jár..." - Nem hiszel, Istenben hinni azt jelenti, hogy követni az ő útját és keresni őt mindenben. Nem az a hitlenséged, hogy nem jársz templomba, ha nem az, hogy nincs teljes meggyőzödésed, hogy az helyes. A "lehet" szócska mindent elárul a hitedről!